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Default Re: 2002 Mazda B4000 EGR Tube disconnected from Exhaust Manifold - Help

I have another concern! Will it be fairly ďeasyĒ for the mechanics to take off the old exhaust manifold and install the new one without having to disconnect other parts around the EGR System? Like the engine, etc. Iíve read, at least for other cars and trucks, that mechanics have to drop the engine and stuff to install a new Exhaust Manifold. I was looking from the top of the engine and underneath where the EM is connected to the Catalytic Converter, and saw where they could could work through some openings. Iím sure with extra long tools, they could be able to maneuver around and install the new manifold after a few hours hopefully. Any thoughts?

Also, will these nuts and studs fit the Exhaust Manifold I bought?
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