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Default Re: 2002 Mazda B4000 EGR Tube disconnected from Exhaust Manifold - Help

I live in New York State and I may need it to pass emissions down the road. Also there is a reliable muffler shop that did my CC's and Muffler that also specializes in working on broken and old exhaust manifolds. They mentioned how they might be able to weld on a new EGR Tube to the original Exhaust Manifold, but also, they might be able to replace the EGR System it if I buy parts (EGR Tube, Valve and Manifold). I don't believe their is a hole in the Manifold and I have Zero Leaks from that area. The Tube is just disconnected form the Exhaust Manifold.

Would it be good just to buy the EGR Tube and see what they can do in attempting to attach it, instead of buying all three parts and having to return them. The mechanics gave me the proper part numbers which aren't that expensive.

Wouldn't it be good to have a completely brand new Exhaust Manifold and EGR System in the long run? Especially because I'm in New York State. Mine is the original one.

This is what they say on their website:

"Exhaust Manifolds:

Exhaust Manifold replacement is a large part of our business. Whether your manifold is cracked, corroded, or the bolts that hold the manifold to the head have broken causing that annoying ticking sound we can fix these issues. We have the ability to remove broken bolts from the head on the engine without major engine work. This is a process we have mastered over the years. If parts are unavailable for your car or truck. We repair most manifolds by either welding them or having the warped mating surface machined to be perfectly flat again and reused."

It sounds like they can do the work...

Thanks for your input!
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