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Default Re: 2002 Mazda B4000 EGR Tube disconnected from Exhaust Manifold - Help

I would do anything to avoid having to replace that exhaust manifold, but I also don't think that you'll ever get a new EGR tube into your old manifold either. Maybe just have someone take a new EGR tube and try and weld it around the base of the old one? I tried taking my exhaust manifolds off and every. single. bolt. broke. Welding nuts to the broken studs just resulted in shorter studs when I tried to take the nut off, and drilling it after the nice heating and cooling process the welder provided was almost impossible. I cursed the truck so many times I lost track. I ended up replacing the whole motor, as I could see I was facing an uphill battle with mine. (There was something else wrong with the motor that I was attempting to rebuild, but after just the exhaust manifold fiasco, which was resulting in me having to drill and tap threads in the cylinder heads, I determined there was no sense in rebuilding this 20 y/o rusty POS lol).

It'll run fine with it leaking slightly, but if it's leaking a lot, then you run the risk of running a little lean (which is never good). Not sure how much the computer will adjust the fuel trims based off of the O2 sensor readings or not. Other than that, that leaky tube not leaking anymore will surely quiet down the engine bay, and fumes trickling into the cab and such.

If it were my truck, and I wasn't worried about emissions or anything (which I'm not), I'd just cut that EGR tube off flush and weld it closed and forget about it.
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