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Default 2002 Mazda B4000 EGR Tube disconnected from Exhaust Manifold - Help

Hello folks,

I just bought my first used truck which is a Mazda B4000 (basically a Ford Ranger), V6, 4.0L, 4x4 (which I'm loving so far, minus all of the money I had to dump into it... but that's the way she goes I guess...). It has about 129,000 miles on it. I recently brought it to the Muffler shop, where they put in brand new Catalytic Converters (which I bought on Rock Auto) and a new Muffler system, which they provided. Not a cheap fix, but It has been worth it and is not as loud as it was when I bought it anymore. They said that everything else on the truck is in good shape, minus the EGR Tube/Valve/Manifold. I knew I was going to have to put money into it. You kind of have to with old trucks.

Anyway, they showed me that the EGR Tube was disconnected from the Exhaust Manifold and they gave me all the parts numbers for the EGR Tube, EGR Valve and Exhaust Manifold. I found all of the parts on Rock Auto for a reasonable price, and I'm still shopping around.

Lastly, the mechanics said that I could buy just the EGR Tube and they could try to get it back onto the original Exhaust Manifold, but didn't guarantee that that would fix the problem with the disconnected EGR Tube because the tube and valve is worn out (because it is the original).

Now, I'm debating on whether I should just start by buying the EGR Tube and see what they can do like they said. Or would it just make sense in the long run to buy all three of the required new parts (EGR Tube, EGR Valve and the Exhaust Manifold) and have them install it?

Do you think I will be able to get away with just a new EGR Tube and Valve attached to the original Exhaust Manifold? I'm leaning more towards buying all three of the parts, because the existing parts are all original and corroded, but I want to see other opinions. The parts aren't that expensive too which is good. Only bad thing is paying for labor.

Also, will a new EGR Tube, EGR Valve and Exhaust Manifold make the truck sound quieter? What will it help with besides emissions and combustion?

Will I be able to drive long and short distances with it broken?

Thank you for any input!
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