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Default Re: overland meet up ???

Originally Posted by spud1790 View Post
Anyone down for a Ranger overland day trip this year? A few spots I really want to go in Texas but would have more fun with a few other Rangers. Nothing crazy, not looking to thrash my ride. Stuff a bone stock ranger 4x4 could handle or maybe even a well equipped 2wd truck. Just some outdoor off highway trails. See the scenery, maybe grill some food and have a laugh. travel in a ranger convoy and communicate with cb radio lol. Just a day run would be fun. maybe a night or three if folks are more serious after. What I am wanting to do is the hill country route first and later maybe something a bit more adventurous like big bend ranch and natl park. It gets real hot real quick in TX esp. in the big bend area so we would have to go in fall. The weather is great for the hill country route now, warm but not melting, just possible thunderstorms with tornadoes and hail. few more weeks and it will be hot in the hill country also. let me know if yall are interested folks.

We've been recently invited to just outside of the Austin area, Hill community like you mentioned. Just an unknown thought as if the trip was made, it would have to be a longer one overall and include additional new or even old places of interest along the way and back of course.

We still have a desire as a team to get tot he Frio River still, seeing so many opportunities for some adventure all along the way. Not likely this year or next as we're focused on business expansion opportunites mostly right now.. but knowing some best times of use in Texas for travel purposes would be an interest. Apparently, the Texas landscape doesn't seem to bend to a perception [misconceptions] of how I thought much of Texas was.

I blame Hollywood and John Wayne..
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