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Old 12-09-2010, 05:31 PM
blkranger231 blkranger231 is offline
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Default Re: How to replce torsion bars

take the bolts out of the bottom of the key use a key removal tool or a c clamp to hold them in go to the front of the truck you have to use heat and lots of pb blaster use a big hammer and a punch it the t bar toward the rear it will pop out of the arm.

Edit punch forward 1st to knock it out of the key thats how i have done them in the past.
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Old 01-08-2011, 12:20 PM
DieselBrad DieselBrad is offline
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Default Re: How to replce torsion bars

Ok. well i just changed them out today
I wish i took pics but i will give a description of what i did

Tools needed
Impact gun
1/2" socket
3/4" socket(for 2 jaw puller)
2 jaw puller
Floor jack
2 jackstands

1. Jack the truck up and support w jackstands
.....Make sure there is enough room to fit the 2 jaw puller and impact gun under the truck

2. Remove the 4 1/2" head bolts holding the torsion key "cover".

3. Measure how far the torsion key "adjustment bolt" is sticking out of the "adjusting nut"

4. Remove the torsion bar "adjusting bolt"(1/2")

5. Put 2 jaw puller in resess on torsion key and the jaws on the transmission cross member. Tighten the puller by hand till snug.

6. MAKE SURE JAWS ARE SECURLY ON THE CROSSMEMBER!!!Using impact gun on puller, tighten until you can pull the "adjusting nut" out of the crossmember. Then back off the puller till there is no tension on the key.

7. Once the puller is removed and the bar is hanging loose, just hit the torsion bar with a hammer to drive the bar forward. Once it is knocked loose pull back on it and remove it from the truck(out the back)

8. Remove the key from the old bar and save for later.

9. Slide new bar in (from the rear) until seated in the lower control arm. Now put the key on the new bar.

10. Push bar and key up into position and put the puller on. Tighten puller by hand till snug

11.AGAIN make sure jaws are securely on the crossmember. Then tighten the puller, just enough to slide "adjusting nut" into the crossmember.

12. Release the puller to allow the key to rest on the "adjusting Nut"

13. Thread the "adjusting bolt" into the "adjusting Nut" by hand.

14. using impact gun tighten "adjusting bolt" to your original measurement

15. Reinstall torsion key "cover"

Same on other side
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Old 01-08-2011, 12:26 PM
DiabloBlanco DiabloBlanco is offline
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Default Re: How to replce torsion bars

pics man? or no lol


nvm missed the first part.
YZ the way to be!
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