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Old 07-06-2017, 10:45 AM
jfes jfes is offline
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Default help with front end pop noise just cant find the cause and driving me crazy

hello, i have a problem driving me nuts i just cant figure out, ive looked over many posts here and on other forums and nothing has helped , i have a popping noise from my driverside front ,like something it binding, happens over small bumps, speed bumps and turning left but every once in a while it will do it turning right,does not pop all the time over every bump or every turn wont pop if going over a speed bump very slowly , i can feel it through the floorboard and hear it and its loud ,cant get it to pop if i bounce by pushing down fender when stopped, only does it when moving, i have recently replaced lower ball joints and upper control arms , all wheel bearings , greased stops, my inner and outer tie rods checked out fine , lifted truck and pushed pulled wheels ,no movement ,checked steering and no problem there,no looseness, had a shop check suspension and they found nothing wrong , i removed sway bar and the end links and still pops so its not that, could it be upper control arm bushings as i didnt preload on the ground ? or a body mount bushing noticed the one behind the bumper is cracked? or the shock absorber ? any help will by very appreciated, its a 2wd 2003 2.3 reg cab xlt with coil springs .thanks

also. there is an electrical connector passenger side coming out of the fan shroud and goes to a connector behind headlight , anyone know what it is for ? makes idle rough when i connect it and was disconnected when i got the truck , thanks again

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Old 07-06-2017, 11:11 AM
RoberticusMaximus RoberticusMaximus is offline
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Default Re: help with front end pop noise just cant find the cause and driving me crazy

i have a UCA bushing that moves in & out over bumps and during turns. anoys the hell out of me lol! i need to do some work on it. it was affected when i had a fender bender a long time ago.

anyway, that sounds exactly lik ea swaybar end link, but def not that if you removed it lol
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Old 09-10-2017, 08:43 PM
Bongo Fury Bongo Fury is offline
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Default Re: help with front end pop noise just cant find the cause and driving me crazy

Did you figure it out Juan? I just went through a similar process on my 2003. Replaced sway bar links and bushings, injected grease into all boots with 18 gauge needle on a grease gun and a number of other things... only to find that when tires were on the ground, the drivers' side shock top nut was not tight enough... which allowed the shock to wallow around the top mount. tightened it down and compressed the rubber bushings on the top and voila' no more noise. Previous owner was a mechanic and he had installed new shocks before I bought it 2 years ago. Nice, smooth and quiet ride now. Check those top nuts and bushings with the weight of the vehicle on the tires.
Finally - 2003 2.3L 16 Valve Four Banger \ 5 Speed - No Frills (F-150 5.4 Lariat eating me out of house and home,road working this year)
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