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Old 11-12-2017, 08:30 PM
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Default Vacuum hose routing, A/C troubleshooting

I'm troubleshooting the same issue. I was able to find intact vacuum lines off a '98 Ranger 2.5L at Pull-A-Part, so I can take pictures of those lines to help someone find the correct routing (at least for my generation's 2.5). I did have to make a semi-educated guess as far as the lines going in/out of the firewall, and the lines going to/from the ball. Here are some pics of what I've got...

1: Starting on the driver side, there's a yellow line connecting to the underside of the "EVAP service port"(?, maybe, according to the diagram on the radiator support)

2/3: The yellow line connects to this medieval cluster-f*ck of other lines, which connect to the intake

4/5: The cluster wraps behind the EGR and to the left side of the throttle body, there's a single line that pokes out of the cluster here and connects to the top of the EGR

6/7/8: Follow the cluster down the left side of the valve cover, then it makes a 90 turn between the coil packs, and then connects two lines to the EGR solenoid (I think that's what it's called)

**This is where I'm not 100% sure**
9/10/11: The remaining line runs to the top port if the vacuum testicle, which should be mounted inside the passenger side fender, behind the passenger side headlamp assembly (mine, originally, was sitting gently behind my washer/radiator fluid reservoir)

11/12: The line coming out the bottom port of the testicle goes into the firewall (it's a gray line, although I had to Frankenstein some sh*t together to make sure I had the length I needed)

12/13/14/15/16: The black line coming out of the firewall snakes up behind the accumulator, down and over and plugs to some thing attached to the coolant lines that go into the firewall

Mind you, this is how mine is right now... and my heat/AC blows out the defrost 99% and there's a faint 1% or less coming out the vents, no matter what fan speed.

So I'm about to see what happens when I switch the black line, coming out the firewall, from the radiator hoses to the bottom port of the ball, and I guess I'll just run the line that's in there now over to the radiator hoses. Wish me luck!

Hope this helps someone... I'd searched forever trying to find correct routing for these in the past. Nabbing the lines off that '98 helped, so at least I know they're correct from the "EVAP service port" to the EGR solenoid... just gotta figure out what problem is left. Ball isn't cracked as far as I can tell. I have yet to thoroughly examine the lines behind the glove box, so that'll be my next step before I mess with the ball.

Any help is GREATLY appreciated, and I am prepared to write an IOU for a pat-on-the-back, maybe even a high five.

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