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Old 08-07-2017, 08:32 PM
mudbogger mudbogger is offline
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Default Re: Sons first vehicle- 97 ranger 2.3 stick

Hey y'all- I'm back again with another small update...

My Ranger is still running well..I got to take it out to Dragway 42 a few times this year, and I was really happy to see that facility being used again. If you are in Ohio, or if you live near west salem, OH go check it out! the track was changed ALOT, but its all for the better. My best 1/4 mile pass was in the high 18 second area, but I guess I had that coming considering my truck is a 4 cylinder. Soon Ohio will be switching into the fall/winter season and the "track-days" will come to a close un-fortunately. But theres always next season to look forward to! Rust wise, I haven't seen any changes, so that is good. But its probably gonna need some undercoating before this winter hits, just something thats "better-safe-than-sorry". And as much as I told myself I wanted to get a bigger diesel truck, after looking at the numbers, that thought kinda escaped my mind. So I'm starting to look into building-up a fun car for the summer, and keep my Ranger as a winter/work truck. As always, Thank you to everyone that has helped me with my truck this far. Stay safe & God Bless Y'all!
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Old 08-30-2020, 08:06 PM
ford4v429 ford4v429 is offline
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Default Re: Sons first vehicle- 97 ranger 2.3 stick

long dead thread...well the ranger held up well, but summer of '19 it got parked- oldest sons both got pretty darn good jobs and after seeing my 19 F150, both went and did the same...the 3.5 V6 is insane, like 14.2 at 98 in the 1/4 and 27 mpg, pulls hard as my old 69 11:1 429 did...

needless to say, the day his F150 came home, that was the end of the ranger... plates were about to come due, hated to scrap it, but with the repairs done didnt want liabilities forever as it will rot out again eventually...

tonight, youngest sons friend and his brother were over to do some yard work to earn a few bucks, and thought the older kid loves to fix stuff, is really bright and will be driving in a year- asked his dad if theyd want it, but would need to be with a salvage title- hed have a year to fix it up again, and get it inspected, and pretty sure that trucks got a few more good years in it...

so maybe in a while the saga will continue with part II... its sat undriven for a year so sure the brakes need gone thru again, and needs some surface rust touchup, and the headliner needs glued back in- but its solid still and for a free first car, think it will work out for the kid- its in far better shape still than when my son first bought it, and with a little elbow grease, sure it can be again...

other son just went in the Army, he had a rustfree expedition that kept fouling a sparkplug(valve cover seeping oil into plug well, shorting plug outside) and airbag light, abs light, then water pump disintegrated same day he ran over something and blew a tire- he was done with it, has a cherry 87 Fiero he drives, so was just gonna junk it, i said no...i got a new tire, water pump, fixed the abs and airbag faults, had everything ok in a couple hours, and we gave it to a buddies 15 yr old son- he loves it, has been out polishing/tinkering with it, he only has temps, but took us all for a ride the day we dropped it off, just happy as heck- my son was really happy too as dont think he realized how happy stuff like that can make some kid- first cars are a bugger, one thats in decent shape would be a shame to discard over a couple hours work...

hopefully the ranger will work out ok too, i just need to make sure the frame stuff is declared and it wont get resold ten times and bust in half a decade later...figure a salvage title will follow it forever- however long that may be, and it will be inspected before declaring roadworthy by a third party- if not they can take the time to part it or body swap with a rusty one(if they can find one with a good frame)...

was a great little truck for my son- for what he had in it, it never let him down, he put like 50,000 miles on it in 6 years- was dead reliable.
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Old 09-02-2020, 10:00 AM
ford4thot ford4thot is offline
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Default Re: Sons first vehicle- 97 ranger 2.3 stick

Great update.
Yeah I've had the 3.5 twin turbo F-150, I put a high-power tune on it and I'm pretty sure it would have almost run 12's in the quarter mile. 4 x 4 boost launch was insane
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