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Retroboy1989 09-17-2012 12:45 PM

Make Cruise-Control Light Functional
On some early Rangers, Ford neglected to run the wire for the "Speed Cont" dash indicator light. This will apply to 95+ Rangers that came with or without factory cruise control and have never had a functioning cruise light.

It is really simple to make the dash light function as it should.

Basic Concept:
The "Speed Cont" light in our clusters lacks the switched ground wire. Running a wire from the cluster to the cruise control servo will make the light function as it should.

Stuff you will need:
1. One spare pin from a cluster connector (Picture Left)
2. One spare pin from a CC servo connector (Picture Right)
3. Some wire and butt-connectors.

The steps:
1. Remove necessary parts to access gauge cluster.
2. Remove cluster.
3. Make sure there is a bulb in the "Speed Cont" spot.
4. Find the cluster connector #C214 (See Diagram)
4. Open the little "gate" on the back of the connector by carefully prying the tabs on both ends of the connector.
5. Add a pin to slot #4.(See Diagram #1)
(If there is a pin on this spot, then your truck is already wired for the light and there must be another problem)
(NOTE: The pin numbering on 1995 rangers is backwards from 1996+ rangers. 1995 Ranger owners should compare their truck to diagrams #1 and #3 to find the correct pin slot.)
6. Snap the little "gate" closed.
6. Run a wire from your new pin down behind the pedals and out the firewall. The easiest place I could find to pass the wire through the firewall was through the grommet with the hood-release cable.
7. Continue running the wire over to the cruise control servo.
8. Disassemble your truck's cruise control servo connector. Slide your new pin into slot #1 (See Diagram #2). You will need to drill a small hole on the outer connector cover for the wire to pass through. You will be able to look at the other existing wires for reference.
9. Connect your newly-run wire to the new pin on the servo.
10. Re-assemble everything and test out the cruise control. The light should illuminate when the cruise control is engaged.

DIAGRAM #1 (1996+ Rangers, for CRUISE CONTROL LIGHT REFERENCE ONLY!!! Some other pins changed over the years.)


DIAGRAM#3 (1995 Rangers)

shutchman 08-19-2017 07:20 AM

Re: Make Cruise-Control Light Functional
can't see photos. is the photobucket link working for this thread?

bigfisher 08-23-2017 06:59 PM

Re: Make Cruise-Control Light Functional
Mine isnt

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