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Athee 12-03-2009 12:15 PM

Frustrated To the MAX!
I have a 2006 Ranger 3.0. I use this vehicle as a Pilot Car. To date I have 168,000 miles. At 95,000 the valves needed replacing (because of cylinder 1 misfire.) I did have low compression. Got this done at my local Ford Dealership. At 155,00 the same problem occurred and Ford replaced valves again. The first time I was charged $1200.00. The second time they fixed under "warranty" from the first repair. (I was still charged for new injectors to fix the problem the second time but that didn't do squat.) I drove the truck 13,000 more miles and for the third time, I am having the same problem again. Before I got it repaired the first time I had replaced plugs, wires, coils everything. This last time, Ford told me they did a compression test again and all cylinders were fine but my catalytic converter was bad. Got it repaired yesterday. Engine light stayed off for one day, now back on indicating Cylinder 1 misfire. This is the same code I have always gotten from previous problems. This is driving me nuts. Could it be a bad MAF or 02 sensor but not throwing the code. I do pick up a lot of grime when I am in the road. Any ideas?

surfer03133 12-03-2009 12:42 PM

have you replaced the sensors? if not, i would replace the sensors, it could just be faulty sensor. is it still driving fine with the code on?

Athee 12-03-2009 12:56 PM

No, I have never had them replaced. Truck runs great while driving but idles rough and the engine light starts blinking if I let it sit for a few seconds. Don't have any loss of power either.

surfer03133 12-03-2009 01:01 PM

i'm rummaging around for my haynes manual, i can give you a better answer when i find it lol

RangerLuc 12-03-2009 03:54 PM

clean your MAF before you go out and buy a new one

98blownranger 12-05-2009 08:06 AM

a MAS or o2 will not cause a mis fire
what about your plug wires

Athee 12-06-2009 09:24 AM

Ford thoroughly tested all components of my truck. An engineer was there from the factory and they determined I need a new Power Train Control Module. For a mere $688.00 and a week to get the part in I can be back on the road. All the money I have spent on coil packs, fuel injectors, cat converters, etc, was probably a waste. I wished I would have had the sense of mind to have asked for all my old parts back when I went through all this BS.

nchamilton2105 12-06-2009 10:34 AM

My buddy just got a used PCM from the junk yard and payed like $80 for it

Fx4wannabe01 12-06-2009 10:44 AM

Yeah....check out and look up your PCM. Buddys of mine swapped to manuals and paid no more than $50 for their new PCM's. IDK if your truck has PATS, but you'd need Ford to flash the new PCM to your truck so the key matches the PCM.

Won't be O2...that'd be a lean bank 1 or 2 code. Won't be'd run like garbage if that was the case.

Turn&Burn 12-06-2009 07:15 PM

how is the timing on it. just because one is misfiring does not mean they are all misfiring. this happened with my 95. it might not be firing top dead center.
i slapped a new timing belt on it and it fixed the problem.

Athee 02-06-2010 08:08 AM

For any of you who come across this problem, after two Ford Dealerships, and $3600 for nearly every new part you can think of, my problem has finally been repaired. As it turns out I had a weak valve spring on this cylinder, not broken, just weak. So apparently, all of these parts I have replaced was the Ford Dealership either being incompetent or making up for lost sales. Anyway, I plan to see if I have any recourse for everything from the PCM, catalytic converter, plugs, wires, coil packs, 4 fuel injectors, sensors, and 2 different "valve jobs" whom my mechanic said he didn't see any evidence of. I knew better than to take my truck to the dealership but I was new to the area and no one else could figure it out. I wrongly thought that of anyone who could figure out my problem it would be a Ford Tech, but I was so wrong.

Redneckstone 02-06-2010 08:23 AM

ever take a look at the coil pack mine and my dads shit out long before 168k.

also pull the plug how does it look? possible you might have a slight head crack causing coolent to leak in giving a missfire

Athee 02-07-2010 11:09 AM

No leaks, and coil packs been changed twice!! Also, new plugs and wires in addition to many other things. Weak valve spring!

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