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Clem 10-10-2009 10:04 AM

98 Front drive.
Will the front hubs, spindles and associated parts from, I believe it to be a 98 or 99 Ranger, fit an 02 Ranger? This would be everything less the carrier.

This rig has Warn hubs that fit like the hubs on the earlier RBV's. Lock and Free, with the flange that is mostly held on by the rim.


Fx4wannabe01 10-10-2009 02:15 PM

To run the hubs/wheelbearings from a 98-00(which is pulse vacuum hubs) you'll need 98-00 PVH CV shafts, the bearings, and the hubs of your choice. AVM/Rugged Ridge manual hubs. I don't recall Warn ever offering hubs for the 98-00 PVH trucks. They were offered for the 97 and older TTB trucks though. BUT....those all have the tendency of breaking. Your current live axle design is MUCH more reliable. IMO, putting on lockouts on your front = more parts to break that have a history of breaking...

There's no need to swap spindles/knuckles, the wheel bearings bolt onto the 00.5+ live axle knuckles.

Clem 10-10-2009 03:21 PM

This isn't a TTB, I got one of those in my B2, and I don't think it is a PVM. This is a live axle front, like the one in my 02, that has the same style of hub as a TTB with locking hubs on it. This is the only one I have ever seen.
I'll try to get back down there next week and take a closer look and get some pictures.


Fx4wannabe01 10-10-2009 03:51 PM

If it's a 98-00, it's not a live axle, is a PVH system which uses engine vacuum to engage the hub to provide power to the wheel. It's a problematic system that ford changed in mid '00 for the Live Axle design that has been sucessful in explorers since '95.

I'm well aware 98+ Rangers are not TTB...

Clem 10-10-2009 06:56 PM

OH, don't take offense, it wasn't meant to sound the way it did.


Clem 10-10-2009 07:44 PM

Maybe this is what I saw, I don't understand it completely, but it could have been a conversion to what the link is talking about.


Fx4wannabe01 10-10-2009 08:41 PM

The link provided is converting your 98-00 PVH hubs to live axle......most 00, and all 01+ Rangers already have live axle, as well as 95+ explorers. As I said earlier, you're not accomplishing anything but creating a new weak point by going to manual hubs and coverting down to 98-00 PVH style system with manual hubs. There's a reason ford only had those style hubs for a whopping 2.5 model years.

Countless people have ran manual hubs from AVM/Rugged Ridge on their 98-00 trucks(only manual hubs avaliable for 98+ rangers).....most end up replacing them because the hubs themselves internally are plastic, as are stock, and are prone to breakage even just driving on the street.

I wasn't offended earlier, just saying I know my sh!t. lol. hahahaha.

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