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michiganboy 03-12-2011 05:10 PM

m50d r1
Today I was dropping my trans and after disconnecting everything except the trans bolts I took off the shift stick and realized that all the washers and plastic bushings were smashed to shit. So I ran up to a yank it yourself junk yard and grabbed a whole shift assembly for 15 bucks and just replaced that and saw if that works. it still grinds when engaging into 3rd sometimes still can't downshift and still gets stuck just a little in fourth. Feels a little better and fixed 25% of my trans problems id say. But while I was draining it I took out the drain bolt and a peice of steel was stuck to it the size of a single row lego... (that's the best description I could give you.) I will take a pic of it when I getta chance but I saw a overhaul kit for my trans for 150. is it that hard? What do my symptoms sugest? Idk if I should call it quits and just sell it or fix the trans. Whatya all say?

This is my 4.0 btw

Ranger Rabbit 03-25-2011 08:50 PM

Re: m50d r1
I'm in the same boat. Recently bought a 1998 Ranger 4.0L with 5-speed - I presume it is the M50D-R1. Sounds like throw out bearing noises coming from drive train - goes away when clutch is depressed. If I keep driving it for a while like this will it cause damage?

michiganboy 03-25-2011 09:16 PM

Re: m50d r1
If it is the throw out bearing its not gunna cause dammage. But to be honest if you ever dug into the m5od trans it aint that big of a hassel. It really isnt that hard to drop it if you got a willing friend and a weekend. Make sure you got all the correct metric sockets if not get them. Dont substitute. I did a lot of strippin. make sure you replace the slave when you do it. My throw out went bad 2 months after my slave... so I had to drop it twice.

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