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cruzalegre 01-07-2011 06:47 AM

07 Ranger 4wd Lift Kit
Was wondering where i can find a 3inch lift for a 2007 4wd. Already have a 2inch leveling kit but want a 3 inch susp lift. All i can find are full suspension kits that are 4 inches or more and are reall pricey. Was maybe looking for somthing a bit easier and cheaper. Like a easy lift "block on the front spring and maybe another leaf spring in the back". Help me out please I been searching for months haha.

Thanks alot

blkranger231 01-07-2011 09:55 AM

Re: 07 Ranger 4wd Lift Kit
If you want susp then you are going to have to pay look at the spindle lifts still pricey or you can get a 3in body and run 33s. As for the rear whatever you decide to do to the front you can do a 1in AAL plus a shackle to get 3 in there depending on what you use. As for putting a block on the front spring the only thing you want on there is a leveling spacer dont put some f-uped blocking device to give you a lift your just going to mess your truck up. One other thing your a 4x4 you should be T-bar no coils if so just crank your keys.

RangerJustin 01-07-2011 10:26 AM

Re: 07 Ranger 4wd Lift Kit
Being a 4wd, spindle lifts will not work here. You also have to front spring you can just toss a block under...unless you did a SAS and went with a leaf set-up.

For suspension lift you really only have the 4" super lift. or if oyu can find a used RCD, but that is 5.5". You cna get a 3" body lift for around 150 or so though.

By leveling kit and am guessing you got some re-indexed keys?

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