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tbadger 12-30-2010 01:53 PM

No heat in the winter (or summer)
Hi - noobie to the group.

I've got a 92 Ranger with the 2.3L 'Z' engine. 5-6 years ago the timing belt broke, and had the engine 'fixed'. As best I can remember the heater never really got hot after that. I've since replaced the thermostat (today), water pump, radiator, and heater core (not all at once, but over the last 3-4 years). With the cold weather, and my son now driving the truck, he's complained about the lack of heat.

I've checked everything today - pulled the above items off (except radiator), checked for blockage in the hoses, etc. and am now running Prestone cleaner through the system.

After running the truck for 30 min. the temperature gauge has barely moved.

The hose from the water pump to the heater core is cold. The hose from the thermostat is hot, so it appears that there is no circulation between the head and the block. I'm making this assumption based on the fact that the coolant from the thermostat does not actually go through the thermostat, but through a hole that is free flowing on the head side of the thermostat.

So if there was circulation through the head, block, water pump, and head-side of the thermostat, I should be getting heat regardless of the thermostat coming up to temperature, should I not? Or does the thermostat need to open before there is any circulation through the radiator for there to be sufficient circulation to the heater core?

Is it possible that the head gasket is blocked and not allowing sufficient cooling through? But if the gasket was blocked, wouldn't I be experiencing overheating?

Any insight would be helpful.

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