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bilko1 11-28-2010 10:37 AM

Pas. side floor sometimes wet??
I have a prob. with the pas side floor becoming wet attimes.:confused: This time it was parked, in the driveway.:(
It dosn't seem to be comming from the A/C .
It appears to get wet when the front end is higher then the rear when it rains. I tryed the garden hose but found nothing, the inside of the door stayed dry.:eek:
Can anyone give me some direction on where to look.
O, this truck was a sandwich before I got it in Apr of 05.
I have put aprx 75 thousand on it since then. This started this summer.

01_ranger_4x4 11-28-2010 10:44 AM

Re: Pas. side floor sometimes wet??
it sounds like the cowl drain might be plugged up. if you truck lives outside leaves and such can get down through the holes in the cowl where the windsheild wipers are and can plug the drain up and when it rains that water will back up and seep into the cab. take the garden hose and slowly pour water down your windsheild and watch and see if the water drains from the cowl drains. the water should drain from right behind the front tire right between the wheel well and the door under the truck. there one of those drains on both sides of the truck. if the drain appears to be clear i would take a closer look at the AC, that drain could be plugged also and will leak into the truck if it is. if its neither of those things i would suspect a windshield leak.

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