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jimbo96 08-07-2010 10:43 AM

Interesting Brake Issue
Me and a buddy recently redid the brakes on my 96. Having never needed to do this before (my first brake job on my first vehicle) I watched him do the brakes on my passenger side. In my old rotors, there were small, thin circular pieces of metal (which now im assuming are sensors of sorts) that had to be put in the new rotors. But when he took it out of the passenger side, he bent it, which left me hammering it back into shape. After having watched him to see how its done (or not lol), I did the driver side myself. Rotors and pads are all brand new.

Now that the backstory is done, heres the issue.

When I start my truck, my ABS light is not on. As I drive, it is not unusual for my truck to pull hard to the right and the pedal to feel very stiff and grind as I try to stop. This however stops after a few attempts, and my ABS light turns on in my dash. Then my brakes work perfect. Im assuming that the reason for this is what I think (he bent that piece of metal, which must be an ABS sensor) but I was just looking to see what anyone else thought, since Im not the most mechanically inclined and im relying on my deductive reasoning here.

If this is the issue, what is the name of this piece and how much does it cost? Id like to resolve it

bagdranger 08-07-2010 10:54 AM

Re: Interesting Brake Issue
If this piece you are talking about is a toothed ring like a gear, its the abs right that tells the sensor how fast the wheel is goin. If I'm not mistaken new rotors should have this ring already on the inside of the rotor. The reason it feels like its grinding is the abs doin its job. Then when the light comes on it deactivates the ABS system and uses regular brakes. I hope this helps.

jimbo96 08-07-2010 05:37 PM

Re: Interesting Brake Issue
thats what i was thinkin. i was just lookin for a more educated opinion. so i swap it out for a new one and problem solved

interestingly, i went to 2 autoparts stores, and they didnt have this piece in their system. we went through all the brake components in the database, and nothing was what i have in my rotor. given the fact that this toothed circle thing didnt come with my new rotors, im starting to think i should remove them entirely and see if thats my fix

bagdranger 08-08-2010 07:05 AM

Re: Interesting Brake Issue
Makes more sense now. If that doesnt work go to a salvage yard and get one off another ranger.

jimbo96 08-08-2010 10:00 AM

Re: Interesting Brake Issue
im actually heading there tomorrow

FireRanger 08-08-2010 11:21 AM

Re: Interesting Brake Issue
The noise you hear is not actually grinding. It is the ABS system regulating hydraulic pressure to the brakes. The pulsating feeling in the pedal is the same thing. Of course, this is only suppose to happen when your wheels are near locking up during heavy high speed braking or on slick roads.

sgtsandman 08-08-2010 11:25 AM

Re: Interesting Brake Issue
I've never felt a pulse in mine but then again, I only have RABS. I do hear the system cycling though when it working to keep the wheels from locking up.

FireRanger 08-08-2010 11:44 AM

Re: Interesting Brake Issue
You won't feel much with just rear wheel since they don't do much to begin with. If you get something with 4 wheel abs, it is quite pronounced.

bagdranger 08-08-2010 12:40 PM

Re: Interesting Brake Issue
Thanks fireranger. i ment to put that in my reply. Its probably reading a locked up wheel and activating the ABS.

jimbo96 08-08-2010 06:33 PM

Re: Interesting Brake Issue
oh ok. thanks everyone for all the insight. im as interested in understanding whats wrong as i am in understanding how things works.

seeing as its the dog days of summer and the roads are as dry as the can be, my abs have to be confused. most of my friends tell me to just unhook my abs altogether though...i dont think its a great idea seeing as it snows here but thats just me

SolarRover87 11-20-2010 09:21 AM

Re: Interesting Brake Issue
Just replaced my rotors and pads, Brakes feel solid but just before stopping it feels like the ABS engages like a grind. Any one know what might be the problem. I did the brake job because I had shimmy pulsing in the brakes like the rotors were warped. 2001 Mazda B300

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