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cooper c 11-29-2008 04:07 PM

is a body lift or a suspension lift better for a 2 wheel drive ford ranger?
what brand is the most reliable

brandon4568 11-29-2008 04:09 PM

A suspension lift is better than a body wift for many different reasons but the most common problems with body lifts are; insuffecient cooling because the radiator and fan shroud is moved higher while the fan stays low. you can fix this by buying an electric fan, you truck will feel a lot more top heavy because your stock suspension is made to handle your trucks current height. you will also encounter problems with wiring harnesses getting loose, and your transmission linkage with be off slightly and may bind up if you get your truck flexed out in rocks or a wash out. a suspension lift wil ride better and handle the added height of your truck as well and will not have to problems listed above. body lifts are easier to install on some trucks, a ranger is not bad but you will need a sturdy jack/ jack stands and a buddy to help you cause everything dont always line back up and a little leverage goes a long way. the only bad things about a suspension lift is they are more difficult to install if your not familure with the suspension on your truck. on my 92 f150 4x4 they quoted 8 hours to install a 4" suspension but it look more like 12 but most of it was me doing it by my self. body lifts are cheap"112.00$" for a 94 excab ranger, and are easier to install but have handling problems along with other and you have those ugly gaps between your frame and bed and the back bumper hangs low as well because for most trucks they do not have bracket kits for them. good luck i hope you make the right decision for you and your truck.

A E Knox 11-29-2008 04:11 PM

suspension lifts are always "better" they ride better and keep the suspension and center of gravity a little closer but if your not going to be doing any serious competition style offroading then get the body lift its soooooo much cheaper and u can put it on yourself with a friend and a case a beer (or 2 if knoweledge and/or tools are insufisient) i had an 88 with 4" body lift clearing 31x 10.50 with no rubbing ever drove it like a 18yo without a license would (in the mud more than on the road) and the lift never gave me a problem xcept a few drunken nights we almost rolled her but u gotta be really dumb to do that it was harder than they make it out to be

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