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LightChaser1113 06-11-2018 02:48 PM

R-12 to 134a System
I have a 1992 ford ranger 2wd 4.0L V6 with an AC system that is running off of R-12 refrigerant. From what I can tell there is no leaks, just bad compressor. But seeing how I can't get or use R-12 anymore, I need change the system out. Would parts from a 1994 ranger work in my 1992 If I was find it from a junk yard?

Undrstm8ed 06-11-2018 11:24 PM

Re: R-12 to 134a System
Spend the $12-17 on a retro kit at any big box auto parts store, swap your compressor, take it to a SPECIFIC A/C shop and request that they draw down the system for an Hour or better before refilling the system. They are supposed to draw down the system as much as possible and calculate for ambient temperature using a calculation and then thats where the correct amount of refrigerant is put in.

otherwise you basically get sub par work with less refrigerant and it doesn't work at its optimum efficiency. May as well run down the street with a rock in your shoe...

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