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mfernandes 09-02-2017 05:02 AM

Adding oem Keyless Entry and power locks
Hello there! Its been a while, this year Ive been very busy at work, but spring is comming here (I live on the other side of the Americas) and Ive got a new proyect for the Ranger.

Some years ago I added both power windows; I imported from the US both OEM power windows actuators and also the complete harness for each door (the truck came prewired from factory for the power mirrors).

Now I want to go a step foward and add the keyless entry and power locks feature.

Again, Im not from the US, Im from Uruguay, and USA model Rangers here are very rare. But, I found a 1996 Ranger supercab in a town 100 miles away from home which has these 2 features and its been sell by parts.

Question is:
In order to add power locks and keyless entry, which parts should I remove from the donor vehicle?

Can anybody upload the wiring diagram for the power locks and keyless entry system?

If you can post pictures of the parts, parts number and as much information it would be appreciated!

Hope you can give me a hand here pals, thanks a lot as usual!!!!

Additional info:
My truck is a 1996 XLT Regular Cab 3.0l V6 with no power options from factory. The donor truck is also a 1996 XLT Super cab, also with the 3.0l V6 with ALL the power options from factory

Undrstm8ed 09-03-2017 08:43 PM

Re: Adding oem Keyless Entry and power locks
The answer is why? You could likely spend less money with an aftermarket system with actually more options or better yet, maybe due to the rarity of such a vehicle it may behoove you to even seek out an actual alarm.

A keyless entry system from DEI (Directed Electronics) can ussually give you the basic keyless for about $89 installed in most places throughout the US. Understanding the cost factors, products differing, or possible importation tariffs and what not for something mutually competitive as a Transceiver/Receiver, a couple to few onboard relays, 2 door lock actuators.., etc

You could ideally use the factory door lock motors BUT, for a 96 in a donor car they would/could be short lived now in 2017, near 30 yrs old. And unless because of the nature of the door locks feature themselves.. just HAS to be had; again you can activate the locks with button press on remote during approach or walking away and program to auto-lock on ignition/timed ignition response.

mfernandes 09-04-2017 03:18 AM

Re: Adding oem Keyless Entry and power locks
I understand what you say, and Im sure 20 years after my truck was manufactured there are better systems.
The reason is I like to keep my truck as original as possible and I always like to use oem Ford stuff in all the mods Ive done to it.
In fact, when I bought the truck it had an aftermarket alarm and keyless entry. The very same day I took it home I took everything off.

Im sure those systems you recommend me must be very high quality, but again the reason is I like to use OEM stuff in all my mods ;)

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