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Jaybones 04-23-2017 06:00 PM

Rich old rancher's new young wife
This rich old rancher in Texas, made his money buying up neighboring spreads and pretty soon had the largest cattle ranch and most cattle in the state. He's well into his 90's, and his wife has died of old age so he marries a beautiful young woman of 20.

One night, he died peacefully in his sleep, and his young wife isn't sure what to do. The ranch foreman comes to her and says he'll remain loyal to her. Says he'll forgo his salary for a share in any increase in profits.

She agrees, and he stays on working. Through hard work and innovation they see an increase in profits every year.

He's totally invested, and has worked 3 years straight without a day off. Comes home from the fields and she says "You've been very loyal all these years. I'd like to give you some time off. Go into town, have a good time, relax. Take the good horse and carriage."

He thanks her, changed clothes and takes the carriage as offered.

Stays out a while, has several whiskies. Comes back to the house, walks in and the widow is waiting up for him.

Says "Take off my dress." With hands trembling he unbuttons her dress and slides it to the floor.

"Now my bra." He complies. "Stockings and panties too."

He does, and he's standing there red faced and sweating.

Then she says "If you ever wear my clothes again without asking, you're fired!"

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