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STL 05-28-2010 08:04 AM

How To: Hanger(carrier) bearing
Written By: nvr_done

Discussion Thread: How To: Hanger (carrier) bearing

First this is on a 97 XLT 2.3L 5spd with 7.5in 4.10 gear. The bearing part number is A6062 inner dimension is 1.187. There is another bearing number A6061 inner dimension is 1.257.

Tools needed:
13mm wrench
13mm socket and rachet
8mm socket and rachet
15/16 socket and impact
5lb hammer
pry bar

Ok to start remove the 4 8mm bolts holding the driveshaft u-joint together, mark this with the marker to line it back up the same way for balancing issues. Do not worry about removing the driveshaft just let it hang. After its apart, there are 2 13mm bolts holding the bearing on, they are a bitch to get off so watch out. After that pull the front driveshaft part out marking the tranny and driveshaft first. After its out, remove the 15/16in nut on the end. Mark the u-joint and driveshaft, then proceed to remove with the hammer, hitting all 4 corners evenly.. after thats off I just bashed the outer part of the bearing off, then removed the bearing the same way i removed the u-joint. I highly recommend pressing the new bearing on, the way i did it could have turned out very badly. I'm not even going to suggest it. After the bearing is on install in reverse order. I'm sure there is a torque spec for everything but i just zapped it all with my impact to my liking. Again I recommend that you look up the torque specs.

All in all it took about 3 hrs start to finish. Just be smart and mark everything so it lines up perfect or you'll get a vibration from the shaft being out of balance.

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