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pickupman2007 11-30-2014 03:33 PM

Door lock switch repair
How to fix dirty or corroded door lock switch contacts:

Caution: Neither myself of FRF can be responsible if you damage your truck or switch or stab yourself with a screwdriver, so please take your time and use some common sense.

Tools & Supplies:
- #2 phillips screwdriver
- small (pocket) flat blade screwdriver
- electronic contact cleaner
- fine grit sandpaper or emory cloth

This is how i fixed my intermittently working door lock switches on my 2001 edge, not sure which other years may have the same switch.

1. Remove 2 phillips screws holding switch panel to the door and carefully pull the top to remove the clips.

2. Remove door lock switch from switch panel by pressing the metal clips toward the switch on both ends.

3. Remove the electrical connector.

4. Carefully pry the switch from it's housing, alternating sides as necessary, with the small flat blade screwdriver. You want to pry on the inner seam, not the outer one, no need to remove the trim from the top half of the switch.

That should give you these two pieces:

5. Use the sand paper or emory cloth (I used 400 wet/dry paper, cut to a narrow strip.) to clean dirt and/or corrosion from the lower contacts and the spring like contact arms. Please be careful here not to bend the arms. I cleaned the upper contacts to, but our trucks don't appear to use them.

6. Now that you have removed any heavy deposits or corrosion, spray the contacts off the the electronic contact cleaner to remove any lose particles and dust.

7. Snap the switch back into the top part of the housing and reassemble your truck / door and test.

If it works, then you have just saved the cost of new switches. Since I was looking at sending $90 (needed both) I think the $8 or $9 for the contact cleaner and the effort was worth it.

schutzen-jager 09-13-2017 04:55 AM

Re: Door lock switch repair
thanks for the tips - did it yesterday - now works great -

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