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Nick 03-26-2010 05:21 AM

dome light mystery
Replace the bulbs in my dome light (they were out when i bought it) now the light stays on when the truck is off. No chime or door adjar light...when I crank the truck they go off. when i cut off the truck the lights come on and wont go out...tried the wd40 with no please......

skippyf15 03-26-2010 05:36 AM

Re: dome light mystery
A switch somewhere in the door, if anyone knows where I'd like to know too. I can't get my lights outside in the 3rd brake light to work. Changed bulbs, nothing.

Eclipse-1 03-26-2010 05:42 AM

Re: dome light mystery
The dome light might be the door switch. Its part of the door latch. Spray it with some lubricant (not wd40, it attracts dirt) till it comes out the bottom of the door. Do that to both and see if that fixes it. You never put the year of your truck down. I had 2 97's that did the same thing and it was the GEM module, but I would try the latch, its the cheap easier fix.


raydizzle34 06-14-2010 10:23 AM

Re: dome light mystery
My truck was doing this a few years ago. I sprayed WD-40 on it and it helped for a while but it came back. I ended up adjusting the latch with a flathead screwdriver by pushing it outwards a little bit so that when the door shut, it would push the latch in further and I haven't had the problem since.

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