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Old 11-06-2009, 05:33 AM
RangerNDog RangerNDog is offline
Ford Ranger Driver
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Default Need help with cameras.

Well for X-Mas I am getting a new camera. Now here comes my delima, its been a good 6 years sense I have looked at cameras and a lot has changed.
Here is what I am looking for:
- HD Video. From what I have been seeing most cameras come with this now. I don't shoot enough video to need a camcorder but the lil bit that of video that I shoot I would like to be decent quality. I also understand that this is a camera not a camcorder.
- I would like it too use standard batteries. It is much easier to grab a set of AA's than a replacement battery pack.
- Zoom. I don't need a bajillion times zoom but would like something better than 3-4X.
- Settings. I am not good enough too use full manual ssettings but I would like a lil more than just your average Point-N-Shoot.
- Megapixels. Really any camera on the market today has enough pixels too print great quality 5x7's.
- Price. I would like to keep it close to $300. Not too much more and less is always good.

The camera doesn't need to meet all the criteria. I am more than willing to give in one area to gain in another. There is just so many cameras on the market now its overwhelming. Here are two cameras I have been looking at as of recently.
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Old 11-06-2009, 06:23 AM
Jay FX4 Jay FX4 is offline
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I have to go to work now, but at a glance, that SLR-like camera looks good.
Most any camera is going to meet your criteria, but a lot of them these days only take dedicated battery packs, but there are some that tack packs or regular batteries. Other than that, almost anything will do what you want it to do....
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Old 11-06-2009, 06:40 AM
DieHard4rd DieHard4rd is offline
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That S2000HD I had that before my Nikon.

The S2000HD was a very good camera for the $$

I would highly reccimend it!
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