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Old 03-30-2011, 10:08 PM
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Default Re: Should be posted everywhere

Originally Posted by WildlandFirefighter View Post
First of all George Washington believed in God and America was basically a Christian country. Yes, there was a couple of forefathers who didn't believe in a higher power.

But America was a Christian nation until some Communist Atheistic basterds consumed it with their liberal BS.

Yes, it's ok to have other religions here but not to destroy our Christian background either.
If I were sitting next to you right now, I would lift a cool bottle of your favorite beverage for a toast and a high five.

If you have never read The Patriots Guide to the History of the United States, you need to. I am reading it now. VERY interesting what kind of stuff the wacko libtards try to leave out about our nations history. WE ARE a Christian nation, founded on Christian ideals. We must NEVER forget that.


Originally Posted by pmac03 View Post
First time i ever got in trouble at school was for yelling at a kid who wouldnt stand for the pledge. i am unable to serve do to a shoulder injury from hs but have a friend in afganistan serving and one at pendelton but if i could serve i would i think if you want to be disrespectful then do it somewhere else but not there i hate ppl who are like "oh im not gonna say it"

I got in trouble for the same thing! haha.

I too am unable to serve because of a genetic disorder that I was born with, that NEVER EVER caused me a problem, and never will. It is the greatest disappointment I have ever experienced. I do have friends that are in myself, and I have a great love/respect for our servicemen and women. We must NEVER forget, that they are fighting the bad guy over there, so we don't have to do it here.
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"The nation that forgets it's defenders, will itself be forgotten." - Calvin Coolidge

"Love gains the final victory." - Dietrich Bonhoeffer

"Where liberty dwells, there is my country." Benjamin Franklin
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