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Old 09-08-2017, 10:03 PM
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Default I may get a chance to actually see Justice work...

So about 2 months ago I am one of 6 patrons sitting inside of the Starbucks in a "Nice" area, minus the 3-5 employees.

After being there working on some website work for a couple hours I cant help but notice this young chunky kid kept coming in; 4 times within a 25 minute span or so to use the restroom supposedly.

I am that guy who sits in the back of where ever because I like to see the front door and know where the back door is and due to my situational awareness being a bit high strung, I mentally/physically monitor all movement and pay attention to behavior in people. No sooner did I question why the hell this kid keeps coming in and out of the store, he leaps to the right where these four Asian ladies were sitting and grabs one of the ladies not so well attended purses..!

Someone screamed, I stood up to get a better view and sure enough I see him bolt across the store front window with the bag under his arm and for whatever reason I dropped my shit and grabbed my phone and gave chase.

By the time I cleared the four store fronts of the strip mall and made it in the back of the B of A bank parking lot this shit was already across the street and rounding the back of the next block of stores with some near same age young female close in tow.

Another guy sees me and asks if I'm after those kids and I said yea, they just stole a purse! He tells me to jump in, we give chase, circle the back and went through a small area of a neighborhood with no luck. Back track and then work our way across the front of the stores, here they come walking out of the grocery store. This guy nails it and they start to run, run around past the last store and the corner of it.

the guy nearly hits the girl which would have been bad on our part but she just stops and throws her hands up in the air while the guy assisting me locks up tires. I take off after the fat kid and he throws the purse at and past me as though id forget about him [NADA happening] and I get him on the ground. other guys bringing the girl closer and I step back and grab the purse and secure it.

Within 20 seconds from 3 directions, LV Metro pulls up.. and takes over. I relinquish the purse and I tell the officer I have personal items I left in the open at the Starbucks, if they need a statement I'll be there.

The lady, owner of the purse had $6400 in her [possibly fake] Luis Vuitton bag and felt sorry for the kid and decided NOT to press charges.
She was just happy to get her shit back I am sure.

longer story short...

Come to find out the kids 15, the girl 16 and I just got a subpoena to the court on the 26th of Sept. I dont know if the lady changed her mind about pressing charges or because they were minors the State/County presses charges because of the amount of cash involved or what but it will be interesting to see the courts from another perspective for once since this is a matter of property & trespass and a criminal matter.

Usually I am the one fighting the Quasi-judicial kangaroo courts. And for once I may be assisting one with its intended purpose - An actual crime

Anyone have a similar experience in a like matter? Apparently according to the D/A, I am the only witness, the other guy gave false information as well as another female Patron who saw some of what unfolded from the drive through as she was leaving, I believe she was the one who was able to call the local PD before anyone else.

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