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Old 02-12-2017, 07:27 PM
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Post Kenwood TM-D1710G H.A.M radio install.. PHOTO INTENSE

So this weekend I got a call from a San Diego client/friend who said he just got his Kenwood Dual-Band HAM radio [2m and 70cm] with hideaway unit and everything he needed to finally do his mobile unit in his overlanding rig; said he was coming into Vegas to visit, hoped I had time for him.. He knows I always do, especially when you ask to hit some trails afterwards.

So this is just to showcase my work, maybe give some one else ideas and overall just expand conversation(s). Thanks for viewing

So the install was in a 2nd Gen 4Runner, or 90/94 model years and he brought the unit, external speaker, dual-band antenna, cables, and an Extension kit which most of we didn't have to use amazingly enough.

So one of the things about old Toys is the randomness of locations to actually stuff things without over crowding what Toyota already crowded up. Since he has larger tires and already ejected the factory bottle jack under the drivers side second row seat in favor of the traditional overlanding must of a Hi-Lift jack on his bar work, front of the rig. We decided this would be a safe haven for the hideaway unit.

Now since we have already instituted a 2nd battery feature on this rig. All of the AUX lighting and COMM functions are dedicated to the second source battery to reduce stress on the Main battery. So under the passenger side front seat, we've previously installed an 100amp sub fuse panel from "Blue Sea" a while back.

First thing was to start plotting out wiring routes and keeping things clean and simple. I would have ran all of the wires down the passenger side but that is where a host of wires had been previously run for all the aux lighting present and future had already been prewired for leaving very little room for the two cat 5 wires for the display and Mic. Also to minimize any back feeding I opted for the drivers side. I wasn't quite sure how sensitive this HAM radio would be or if any to that.

Always careful to hide wires and properly route them from being easily exposed, damaged, or simply bothered should anyone else ever come afterwards or in addition to my work; not to mention the ease of putting everything back together as it was. Again the two CAT5 wires were ran out of the hideaway location and down the drivers side towards the drivers side kick panel and over towards the passenger side of the LCC [lower center console].

Now since the power source we wanted to use and for proper fusing was under the passenger side of the vehicle and to keep power lines from running along the CAT5 wire. Crossing under the rear seat for making my way to the fuse box. All sub harnesses are taped using 3M 33+ every 4-6" to keep everything nice and organized now and for years.

Now this radio has a fuse on both the power and the ground leads to insure against voltage spikes across the ground or the power side. Remember, current flows from positive to negative not negative to positive so this is important. We decided that since the fuse panel is on 1" risers. The ground fuse could remain intact and inline where the power side we were going to use our specific fuses where if the fuse blows, an LED lights up to inform you with an easy glance.

He had already chosen the location for the antenna on the rack next to the MaxTrax on the drivers side. It turned out to be a good spot now and for tuning later.

To keep the antenna wire from possible damage while on the trail, the wire was formed in a way to be a little forgiving if it snagged on something it shouldn't, kept behind the mount itself keeping it from making any unwanted whistling noises while at highway speeds. This antenna as I stated does both 2 Meter and 70 cm bands.

Routing the cable inwards we came in through 2 weather seals without puncturing any seals or damaging the cable itself. The owner didn't want any external holes drilled for this should he opt to pull it later. The cable was just long enough to reach the hideaway unit and have one loop curl around inside the C pillar safely.

Once the antenna was plugged in, we were ready to run the external speaker wire back too. The EXT speaker was placed low and upfront to be well heard and away from roadside window noise.

Now we were ready to put it back together an start to do the dash work.

The dash work consisted of a visible spot in preference to the driver but not objectionable to a passenger who may be doing any COMM work or otherwise. With 2 sided tape and 2 small screws, we mounted the carrier to the dash pad.

Brought the display CAT5 wire out from the passenger side through to the top of the dash and made the option to notch the face plate as he has another one should he sell the vehicle.

The end result was a happy individual and a system that could be removed if necessary for both security reasons [face plate detaches from carrier and CAT5 cable] and easy reversal with minimal modifications to the interior.

Please let me know what you think... otherwise if you have any more in depth questions I can answer those too.. I hope. lol


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