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Old 06-10-2010, 07:32 PM
SaskRanger SaskRanger is offline
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Default Solution to phone spam (?)

My house has been called pretty near every night by a Sears phone center. Every night for like that like month or two, at the same time. When we do answer we say Hello? and then silence and someone says Hello? Hello? and then hangs up. It's fucking annoying. So I took it upon myself to put an end to this. I was waiting for the phone to ring around 8 pm (8:20 now) and it did at 8:10, right on cue. I picked up the phone and said the following:

Me: Hello? .... Your a fucking piece of shit.
Telemarketer: Hello?
Me: Hi there.
Telemarketer: I'm calling from Sears.
Me: I'm aware of where you are calling from, and I'm getting fucking sick of it.
Telemarketer: Um I'm just calling from Sears sir.
Me: Yeah well you call every night at this exact time and you just hang up. This is the first time I have actually spoken to one of you.
Telemarketer: Oh well... I'm calling from Sears.
Me: Yes, I'm aware of that. Take us off the fucking call list and never call here again.
Telemarketer: Oh.... well.....
Me: So never fucking call us again, ever.
Telemarketer: Oh okay sorry sir.

This is the conversation as I recall it now. I am excited that I possibly resolved this bullshit. Every other time I answered there was no one, and if there was they would hang up. I guess what you have to do to make them talk is to call them a fucking piece of shit.
You may think that this was just a misunderstanding and that I shouldn't have handled it this way, but we searched up the number on google and reported spam number sites and there is many others with this problem that is never ending. I will have to wait and see if they do call back tomorrow, if they do there will be increasingly more aggressive and vulgar comebacks used.

Do any of you get spam calls every night but there is nothing but silence? It pisses me off. Do not call list ain't really working, unless it is working against like 20 other numbers who might call every day if we were not on the list.
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Old 06-10-2010, 07:47 PM
trcothorn trcothorn is offline
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Default Re: Solution to phone spam (?)

hahahaa thats funny. but it sucks for you, that kind of crap never happens anymore because i got the house phone turned off and only use the cell
2004 ford ranger 2.3 2wd. flowmaster 40. sony xplode head unit. 30x9.50x15 turbostar ATs. stock jeep wrangler wheels, painted black. ebay taillights. few more cosmetic upgrades
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