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Old 02-11-2011, 02:26 AM
Rango88 Rango88 is offline
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Default Worst Song Ever (might be a repost?)

Hey guys, just casually doing my work when off the songs I hate the most but is overplayed on the radio just pops in my head. I thought it would be funny to post the worst songs we have ever heard, and I don't mean "all country songs are crap because I hate country music" or rap, or AC/Dc or whatever you dislike. I mean a song you really hate because it is sheer utter crap. Here's an example. I despise 3 songs:

you're beautiful by james blunt

I've got a feeling by the Black Eyed Peas.

She will be loved by Maroon 5

Everytime I hear these songs I just want to Rage quit life. I just wonder how they get the funding to put out theses singles and then play them 50 times day. And just when its the hour where you can finally request the songs you want here, some S.O.B. requests the song again???? what the hell, it's not annoying enough that you have to request it and make it out to some yuppie cousin in another city who's not even going to hear the damn song for the Zillionth time. Oh Please, request anything, I don't care if it's Kenny G or Kenny Chesney. Hell request the theme song to Pingu or even the Mighty Morphing Power rangers (the original, it had killer electric guitar), but not another song by a late twenties man who is a "heartthrob" to late forties Women and just complains about the fact that he has take a shower by himself yet again. Perhaps you wouldn't be single if had any talent! Do yourself a favor, don't sing her any romantic songs, don't release any new singles and walk the red carpet and act like the center of the universe because your repetitive verses gave you an award nomination. Enjoy your short lived fame and your one hit blunder, it's not gonna last.

To any of you who disagree with this, or say " well he has more talent then you, he made millions, drives a jaguar blah blah" I don't want his jaguar, I don't want his nasal voice or long greasy hair, I just want to enjoy radio with songs that have heart, not "baby" as the only lyric written, that's not talent that's a good publicist and agent. Rant Over feels good, but the song is still stuck in my head, curse it!

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