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Old 06-09-2017, 08:29 AM
EaOutlaw1969 EaOutlaw1969 is offline
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Default Re: S L O W! Windows 10 Any Advice?

Originally Posted by Bob C. of Indiana View Post
My Win 7 hard drive crashed, so I bought a Windows 10 HP and it is slower than molasses, anyone had any luck speeding up your Win 10 machine. I have turned off all the extra app bloat and spyware installed from the factory.Thanks

Some of Microsoft's Operating systems have been better than others.

Hands down Widows 10 with the latest update absolutely sucks in my opinion because it has been high maintenance to try and keep it running smoothly and you cannot completely disable or delete Cortana

Currently in my house we have 3 Windows Computers 2 laptops and one desktop.

I also have a Mac mini which is connected to my living room TV because it is 4K capable and so is my receiver and tv

My Laptop is a low to mid grade Dell with a latest I5 and I think 6 or 8 gigs of ram The Mac Mini has about the same specs.

Side to side comparison my Windows ten Laptop loads up and is ready for use about 20 seconds faster than the Mac Mini

The Windows Laptop with the out of the box operating system was slow.

Everything needed updating. from the Bios to the motherboard and all the drivers needed to be updated.

As you I also had to turn off all the Microsoft spyware, and turn off or delete apps I did not want taking up space and restrict their access to my camera or microphone.

I did everything possible to delete or shut off Cortana.

I also went into selective start up not allowing apps or programs to start automatically.

Then I went to Dell and Downloaded all the updates and drivers for the computer , I also made sure to update the OS with every single update

once the OS was updated it changed some of the drivers which needed to be updated again because of the newer OS.

I installed Norton Antivirus and updated it

After I had what I thought was a streamlined OS and updated everything seemed to start up fast work reliably so I made a back up of my hard drive and created a restore point and saved that to a remote drive.

AT this point the computer was fast and responsive no matter what I was doing on the PC.

Every so often things will not go to well websites load slow or not at all
I would have to reset my network.

Anytime my Laptop acts up is usually after a OS update or the network needs to be reset.

My Mac mini is a little slower to start up, but once it is on and ready it just works.

I have had the Mac mini and do not use it much

When I do use it I will say it has just been reliable and low maintenance.

Windows Ten was better when you could turn off Cortana, Now even with it off It is still there using the computers resources.

At one point I had a PC running a dual boot setup one HD had Windows 10 the other had Ubuntu.

I had Ubuntu at the time working great, yet I never felt my PC was secure due to my lack of knowledge of the Ubuntu OS.

I really like Ubuntu and I plan on learning more about it so I can run it instead of Windows 10 on my Laptop.
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Old 06-09-2017, 09:34 AM
guell guell is offline
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I've never had issues with Windows 10, sure I had to reinstall the Nvidia experience stuff after the latest update but it's very stable and very fast.

My opinion of Macs isn't very high but they don't run a lot of the programs I use and are generally not cost efficient for what you actually get.
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Old 06-09-2017, 11:54 AM
Bob C. of Indiana Bob C. of Indiana is offline
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Default Re: S L O W! Windows 10 Any Advice?

That new upgrade from Windows called "Creator"was downloaded automatically, that made my already slow machine even slower.I hated Creator and removed it,nothing there for me. I emailed a tech in town and asked him how much to install a SSD drive and make me a mirror of my old HD.Haven't heard back from him.I can get a SSD on Amazon for $54 and $90 install.The reviews claim it helped speed up their machines big league.
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