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Old 04-15-2016, 03:43 AM
EaOutlaw1969 EaOutlaw1969 is offline
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Default What was your first home computer?

Computers are in our lives nearly everywhere we look today.

Do you remember the specifications of that first computer?

What were you able to do with that first computer when you first got it?

My first computer was a Commodore 64

At the time I lived in Colorado springs Colorado this was around 1982

I had saved my money up and was determined to buy a high end 35mm camera.

I talked my parents to bringing me to an electronics store to pick one out, when we came across the Commodore 64 set up on a display in all its glory.

I really didn't have a clue what I what getting myself into at the time but I knew I just had to get one.

My new computer did not have a hard drive it came with a tape drive.

My first video game came to me as a book, yes a book of computer code that you had to type into the computer.

You had to type every single bit of code into the computer once you were done you saved it to a cassette tape.

My first game was basically a helicopter that would fly across the screen
you could control up and down movement fire missiles or shoot bullets.

It did not take long to get board with this game yet my parents worked so much at the time it was impossible to get them to drive me back to the stores to get more games.

So I opened up the screen where you inputted the code and started to tinker with the code.

Before long I started to understand what each line of code controlled.

I changed the game to where whenever my helicopter got hit by a enemy bullet instead of taking damage it would cause the helicopter to fly faster.

Eventually I changed so much of the code that the game played its self.

I remember leaving the game on over night.

When I woke up the helicopter was flying across the screen so fast you could hardly keep your eyes on it and my score was so high it was off the screen.

If had anyone to turn to back then to guide me with this computer I am not sure I would have ended up working as a mechanic all these years.

I found messing around with the code much funner than the game the code made.

Anyways that was my first experience with a PC what was yours?
2002 Ford Ranger 2 Dr Standard cab 2.3 5 SPD 7.5 373 gears
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