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My 01
the process my truck has taken since I had it first to now.
this is what it looks like when the sun directly shines on it
after the grill is reinstalled. I love it because unless the sun shines directly on it you wouldn't even notice it was different until you get close....
after the modded grill was painted. came out sharp
the grill getting painted
this is before I put the moded grill back on. no idea why its upside down though
the start of my mod
this is long before My mod
when I put the pinstripe on for the first time
this is the sunroof that I found when I first got it. As far as I'm aware I'm the only one on the Mississippi Gulf coast that has one in a supercab....
the custom foot lights I installed on it. This and the Expo rear view mirror are great mods
the rims I opted for after getting rid of the old 18 inchers. Set of 15 inch american racing ATX series ledge chrome rims
this is shortly after converting it back to the original 15 inch rim size.
sorry its so granny but its the only picture I have of it when I first got it. The big 18 inch rims were on it with small profile Falcon tires. I...