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that old hub finally snapped off on the way home from work
my hub has been making noise for about a month and i had an appointment to fix it on tuesday..... two more days but she just couldnt make it. it started making alot of noise and i lost all steering (wheels facing different directions) and my brakes went also. im so lucky i wasn't on the highway. the pictures dont even compare to the real thing. the hub is literally coming off. very scary to know that i had just left work that i drove on the highway to get to. a quarter mile sooner and it would have came off going 75mph. it freaks me out just thinking about it.
new hub and bearing
whats left of the ABS sensor
look how chewed the exciter ring is. thats the painful noise i was hearing
this would be the issue
filed off the chewed pieces from the axle, its like it never happened.
good as new. even replaced the brake pads all around
heres a piece of my bearing. look how chewed up it is. cant wait to get the bill
up on the rollback
right tire strait...left tire wtf
negative camber ftw. slammed.
my steering wheel is strait.....