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My Stereo
Mechman 250 Amp HO alternator
North Star batteries group 65 (x3)
2/0 & 3/0 Carolprene brand welding cable
Iphone6+ in SoundmanCA side slider kit
HRT 12v iStreamer
-Matrix+ line driver
-EQS equalizer
Sundown Audio
-RCA cables
-SA-6.5CX coaxials
-SAX-100.4 four channel amp
-SCV-2000D mono amp
Stereo Integrity HST-15 mkII
XS Power SuperBank SB1000-31 & SHCA Terminals
Moar battery, moar better!
Passenger side view of the rear cab area. 
Amplifier at the bottom is a Sundown Audio SAX-100.4
Drivers side view of rear cab area. 
Amplifier at the bottom is a Sundown Audio SCV-2000D. 
Using a SMD speaker terminal on the sub box for the...
Dual 1/0 SHCA Copper power inputs. 
SMD speaker terminal (channels are linked internaly with jumpers)
Stereo Integrity HST-15 mkII in 4ft^3 (gross) enclosure built with 1" MDF and Raptorlined
Me like copper! 
Copper pretty! 
SHCA battery terminals
SAX 100.4 (left) SCV-2000D (right) in their new home
Istreamer feeds the Matrix+ 
Matrix+ feeds the EQS 
EQS feeds SAX-100.4 & SCV-2000D 
All connected with Sundown Audio RCA cables
HST-15 vs Zv4 10 top shot
HST-15 vs Zv4 10 side by side
Old mechman alternator beside "current" one. 
170 & 250 amps repectively
250 amp Mechman Elite series alternator
Mechman alternator testing certifications
Freshly unboxed Mechman 250 Elite
Push terminals on coaxials, nice touch.
Sundown Audio 6.5" Coaxials. 
Silk tweets, paper/wool fiber cone mids. 
50w rms (12hr pink noise)
Previous sub stage, Sundown Audio Zv4 rev2 10" dual 2 ohm bottom mounted in a 1.5ft^3 net enclosure tuned to 32hz. 
Sundown SCV-2000D Amp on...
dash is done, sofa king close to have it all put together. 
fabrication work done by Rafa Felix
Rough fit/set up of the old system
Iphone 6+ side slider kit. 
HRT Istreamer (usb to rca digital/analog converter + charges phone)  
Mophie 4" lightning to usb cable. 
12v to 5v...
Norths Star AGM Battery group 65 spec sheet. 
One new one under the hood (05/17) 
One in the box of the truck is four years old, other back there...
slight body mod for battery fit