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My Ranger
No before pictures, you know what it looked like, LOL.
armrest disassembled 
four T15 screws accessible from the cloth cutout at the mount/pivot point (tabs visible on the foam bottom) 
then a plastic...
son of a birch!
Blower resistor is a little rusty (yikes!)
2019 Ranger window sticker
smashed window
Random shot taken in the rockies a few days ago while some friends and i where camping
massive machines
Taken at the Syncrude "Giants of Mining" display in the Alberta oilsands.
Broke into in mid 2010.
Day Front Angle 4
My truck just after a sunshower while camping
Day Brake Lights off 
What it looks like parked.
Day Rear Side angle 
Got a little work to do on the back door there, stupid parkade pillars!
Smoked 3rd 
Now with Improved cargo light capacity!  
Just ran a second hot wire from the dome light.
Night Tail Light 
Anzo tail light at night with flash.
Big Machines 
Just south of Syncrude in the alberta Oilsands.