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Old 10-11-2015, 02:41 PM
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Default Talking frog joke

This guy walks into a bar, and sits down next to the most beautiful woman in the place. Takes frog out of his pocket and sits it on the bar.

Woman looks over and says "What's with the frog?"

Guy says "I'm glad you asked. This is a very special and taleneted frog. See that bottle of wine on the back of the bar?"

She nods, and the guy whispers to the frog and points to the bottle. Frog turns his head, his tongue whips out, wras around the bottle and puls it over to the guy.

He reaches over the bar, gets two glasses and offfers her one. She accepts, and says "I don't know who to thank, you or the frog."

He says "Oh, I taught this frog that and many other tricks, including eating pussy, so you can thank me."

She says "Oh, well thank you for the glass of wine. But I really don't believe that you taught him to eat pussy. What else did you teach him?"

Guy says "OK. See those flyers posted behind the bar for upcoming bands and such?" Leans over, whispers to the frog and points to a flyer. Frog's tongue whips out, grabs a flyer and pulls it back.

He looks at her, and she says "OK, what else can he do, besides eating pussy?"

Guy leans over whispers to the frog and the frog's tongue whips out and unbuttons a button on her blouse. Then another, and another, until she grabs her shirt holding it closed.

"Wow, he really is talented. So I guess its true that he can eat pussy?"

Man says "Sure enough, and from what I've heard women say he's the best. Can make them orgasm in under a minute."

She thinks about it for a bit, then says "Well an orgasm that quick does sound pretty good." Pulls down her panties, climbs on the bar and lifts her skirt.

Guy sits the frog down between her legs. Whispers to the frog, frog just sits there. Guy whispers to the frog again, and again nothing.

Finally guy says "Well, frog, I guess I'm going to have to show you one more time."
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Old 10-11-2015, 03:26 PM
stateranger stateranger is offline
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Default Re: Talking frog joke

2014 F150 xl 3.7 6 speed auto.

Originally Posted by pk9298 View Post
HELL TO THE NO!! Abort abort abort!! That's the first thing to go!!! Ewwwww! I'm not no vampire! I don't enjoy red tea
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