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Old 05-03-2015, 06:36 PM
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Default Indian and the whorehouse

Back in the old west, this indian walks into a whorehouse. The madam asks what he wants, and he says "Me want white woman."

The madam really doesn't want to have the indian with one of her girls, so she asks him how he's going to pay.

"Me have wampum. Much wampum. Also have many fine horses and skins."

The madam says "We don't take any of that. We only take money."

Indian says "What this money?"

Madam says "You've never heard of money? Cash? Dollars? American greenbacks?"

Indian says he hasn't. And the madam says "Well go out and get some money and come back and I'll give you a woman."

Indian says "How I get this money?"

Madam says "Well, you could go out and find some work. Go up to a ranch and ask them if they have any work for you. Do that work, get paid in cash and come back and you'll get your woman."

Indian leaves and is gone for a week or two. Comes back and says to the madam "Me want white woman. Me have money."

The madam wants to put him off again, and asks "Do you have any experience with white women?"

Indian says "No. Only have experience with squaw."

Madam says "Oh. Well white women are different. What you need to do is go out and find a tree with a knot hole about waist high. Stick it in and start humping. Do this everyday for a month and come back and you'll get your white woman."

Indian leaves and is gone for a month and a half. Comes back in and says "Me want white woman! Me have money! Me have experience! Me done everything you told! Me want white woman! Me want white woman NOW!"

The madam cant think of any other excuse, so takes his money (over charges him of course) and sends him to her worst girl (the one who's about to be moved out of the whorehouse for a younger one.

She send him back to the room, and within a couple minutes she hears her girl's blood curdling screams coming from that room. Thinking he's killing her or something she bursts into the room.

The indian has the girl bent over the bed and is kicking her in the ass. The madam shrieks "What are you doing?!"

Indian says "Checking for bees."
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Old 05-05-2015, 04:28 PM
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Default Re: Indian and the whorehouse

2014 F150 xl 3.7 6 speed auto.

Originally Posted by pk9298 View Post
HELL TO THE NO!! Abort abort abort!! That's the first thing to go!!! Ewwwww! I'm not no vampire! I don't enjoy red tea
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