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Old 02-17-2015, 11:10 PM
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Default Cop joke

So this guy from Texas is driving up through Arkansas and is speeding. Goes under an old stone bridge and there's a state highway patrolman running a speed trap. Gets the guy on radar and pulls him over.

As he's writing the ticket, the cop is swatting flies that are buzzing around his face. Does this several times and is showing his annoyance.

"Dem circle flies sure is 'noying ain't dey?" says the old man.

State trooper continues to write, and soon enough he's swatting flies again.

"Yep. Dat's dem dang circle flies. Can hardly git rid o' dem."

Finally the trooper says "Boy, I ain't never heard of circle flies." Hands him the ticket.

Old man takes the ticket, signs it and hands it back trooper. Says "Well, they's dees flies circle around the rear end of a horse."

Trooper thinks for a second and says "Boy, you ain't calling me a horse's ass are you?"

Old man says "No sir, 'course not! Sure ain't calling you a horses ass!"

Trooper says "Well, that's fine boy. If'n you was callin' me a horse's ass I'd be giving you another ticket."

Old man says "Oh no sir. I'd never call an officer of the law a horse's ass."

Trooper says "Well thank you. Go ahead on your way, and keep it under the limit."

Old man says "Thank you officer, I surely will. Thank you! Hard to fool dem flies though"
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