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Old 08-17-2010, 10:56 PM
PaulBennett PaulBennett is offline
Ford Truck Driver
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Default Keyless Door Lock Installation

Someone requested help on installing keyless door locks, I volunteered and bought a kit for my 1998 Ranger. The kit is essentially 2 kits packaged together. One kit is a door lock motor repeater which attaches mechanically to the threaded rod the door plunger is on. Pull up on the driver lock plunger and the passenger side pops up. Ditto press down and passenger side locks.

The other kit is a rf receiver with key fob transmitter but it isn't produced by the same company that makes the locks and the kits wouldn't marry without a relay interface. Interface papers were included but would not work with a Ranger type circuit.

Cost - $50 for kit(s) and $18 for Radio Shack relays. The distributor is hoffmangroup or Got mine on eBay but they appear to be everywhere. Quality is fine except I would have preferred larger gauge wires since I cut everything to length, soldered and used heat shrink tubing. Soldering 26 ga wires is a pain.

Installation was straight forward except the relay wiring isn't for anyone without a soldering iron and experience using it. The relay and black boxes were placed under the steering wheel after I removed the existing defunct alarm module.

The hardest part was snaking wires through from door to cabin. Remove the speaker and break loose the accordion protective rubber thingy. Then working the wires through in 2 stages. First from door thru the rubber thingy then after removing the kick panel, into the cabin.

If anyone wonders how to take the doors apart see this thread:
To get under the steering wheel, see this thread:
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File Type: jpg Relay0106.jpg (97.7 KB, 49 views)
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File Type: jpg RelaysWired0112.jpg (99.9 KB, 36 views)
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Old 08-17-2010, 11:31 PM
PaulBennett PaulBennett is offline
Ford Truck Driver
Join Date: Jul 2010
Posts: 95
Default Re: Keyless Door Lock Installation

Continued after bumping the 5 picture forum maximum.

I removed a parking light fixture which surrounds the headlight to tie into the parking light wiring. Measured current and found 5 amps is all that is needed to light up all the parking lights. The internal relay is reputedly good for 10A so no problem there. But I could find no way to get a wire through the firewall into the cabin so I didn't utilize the feature of having the parking lights blink twice to find the vehicle in a parking lot. If anyone knows how to tie into the parking lights under the steering wheel without removing the entire dash to gain access to the light switch, I'm listening.

The first picture below has white arrows where I drilled holes to mount the lock motor. I used 2" long 6-32 screws, 1/4" spacer, and nylock nuts. The spacer was so the existing cable from door handle to lock could pass under the lock motor. You can see the device which clamps the lock motor rod to the door lock plunger rod. You can attach them together without the access hole. I only used a hole saw to open things up for photo visibility on the driver's side, but didn't on the passenger side.

The second picture shows how I disconnected the rubber accordion things and used a heavy copper wire to pull the small wires through. I don't have pictures of snaking the wires from there into the cabin because some foul language was involved. Remember to reconnect the thingy. (one of life's rules)

My previous installation used a Crime Guard Rec-11 which I like more than this one but what does one do with 2 identical key fobs? The Rec-11 parking and dome lights come on for 30 seconds on unlock to find the car.

Hope there has been something helpful here. Questions?

Attached Images
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File Type: jpg DoorWiringA0502.jpg (91.3 KB, 81 views)
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Old 12-17-2010, 07:03 PM
edwards86 edwards86 is offline
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Thumbs up Re: Keyless Door Lock Installation

You said you found this on ebay for $50. Did you search for it by the part number shown on the website? Also, did you only have to solder the wires to the relays? If so, could a crimp on connector work as well? I know how to solder I just don't have a soldering knife/iron. Thank you for the post though. Lots of good information and the pictures definately helped. I am seriously thinking of doing this to my '98 ranger as well and post updates to mine when I get the kits.
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Old 11-10-2015, 09:55 PM
NewShockerGuy NewShockerGuy is offline
2001 XLT
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Default Re: Keyless Door Lock Installation

Glad I found this thread. I have two door actuators that I found laying around in my junk pile and I found the Avital 2101 for around $35... I am thinking of using it to install and have power locks on my truck. Would definitely be convenient...

I believe with the Avital 2101 has internal relays so there is no need to have separate relays like you have but both my door actuators are only 2 wires so I don't think that should be a problem?


2001 Ranger XLT 2.3L Auto: Bunch of misc mods.
Little lift: 4" Spindle Lift w/ 2" shackles and 2" oem blocks.OEM Ranger Sport Wheels: Tires=245x75x16

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