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Old 12-31-2016, 03:48 AM
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Lightbulb Viper 5706v Install (Guide/Tips)

Alright guys. Just finished this install and I'm excited to post a thread about it because I have not seen a single one for early 90s Rangers (or anything before 01 it seems?). This took me 4 days for about 6-10 hours a day but keep in mind I've never installed one of these systems. I also installed electric door actuators from A1 Electric. It's $60 just for the two actuators and the relay, but definitely worth it for the quality. I'm going to give a list of every connection I PERSONALLY needed to use in case any of you want to follow along:

Main Harness, 6 pin connector:

H1/1 Red +12v constant: connected to heavy gauge yellow wire in wiring harness.

H1/2 Black -12v Ground: Find a ground. I spliced into the ground behind the driver's side kick panel.

H1/3 Brown + Siren Output: Connect to positive side of siren wire.

H1/4 White/Brown Parking Light Isolation Wire: NOT NEEDED.

H1/5 White Parking Light Output: This wire connects to the headlight switch in the dash. Pull out the switch and find the two brown wires around the center of the switch. THIS SHOULD BE your parking lights AND your gauge cluster. Personally, the gauge cluster turning on with the parking lights is what I wanted. Make sure to test this with a multimeter incase your wiring is different.

H1/6 Orange -500ma Ground When Armed Output: NOT NEEDED.

Door Lock, 3 pin connector:
With the A1 Electric kit, the purple wire was a negative trigger lock and the brown wire was a negative trigger unlock. So,

H2/1 Blue -500ma Unlock Output: Brown wire on A1 Harness.


H2/3 Green -500ma Lock Output: Blue wire on A1 Harness.

Aux/Shutdown/Trigger Harness, 24 pin:

H3/1 Pink/White -200ma Ignition 1/Flex OUTPUT: NOT USED.

H3/2 Blue/White -200ma 2ND Status/Rear Defogger Output: NOT USED.

H3/3 Red/White -200ma Trunk Release Output: NOT USED.

H3/4 Black/Yellow -200ma Dome Light Output: NOT USED.

H3/5 Dark Blue -200ma Status Output: NOT USED.

H3/6 White/Black -200ma Aux3 Output: NOT USED.

H3/7 White/Violet -200ma Aux1 Output: NOT USED.

H3/8 Orange/Black -200ma Aux4 Output: NOT USED.

H3/9 Grey: Negative trigger, normally closed or normally open. Default is normally open and the trigger is when the circuit closes. Connect this to the hood pin.

H3/10 Blue: Negative trunk pin/instant trigger input (normally closed or normally open): I DID NOT USE THIS.


H3/12 Violet/White Tachometer input: Connect this to the tan/beige wire with a yellow stripe on the right side of the fuse box under the hood. This wire ends in a grey looking connector that has basically no purpose. This wire is not necessary to hook up but it keeps your engine from over revving on a remote start. Remember, if you use this wire, make sure to "Learn the Tach". Instructions to do this come with the system.

H3/13 Black/White Negative Neutral Safety/Parking Brake input: I grounded this wire because I have an auto trans.

H3/14 Green/Black -200ma Factory Alarm Disarm Output: NOT USED.

H3/15 Green NEGATIVE Door input: Do NOT use this.

H3/16 Brown/Black -200ma Horn Honk Output: I did not use this.

H3/17 Pink -200ma Ignition 1 Output: NOT USED.

H3/18 Violet +Door Input: Connect this to one of the two Black/Blue
wires in the driver side kick panel. It is Black/Blue, not Blue/Black.

H3/19 Violet/Black -200ma Aux2 Output: NOT USED.

H3/20 Brown +Brake Shutdown Input: Connect this to the SWITCHED SIDE of your brake lights (aka, don't connect this to the constant 12v side. You can find these wires on the switch above the brake pedal).

H3/21 Violet/Yellow -200ma Starter Output: NOT USED.

H3/22 Grey/Black Negative Diesel Wait to Start Input: Should explain itself... NOT USED.

H3/23 Orange -200ma Accessory Output: NOT USED.

H3/24 Green/White -200ma Factory alarm arm output: NOT USED.

Time For Remote Start. Keep in mind, if you want your radio to come on (I believe the heater/A/C comes on w/ignition) you must wire this on to the Orange "Accessory Output" wire.


H4/2 Red/Black Fused Accessory/Starter Input: Connected to heavy gauge yellow wire in wiring harness. This needs 12v constant (use the yellow wire in the ignition harness).

H4/3 Pink/Black Positive Flex Relay Input: NOT USED.

H4/4 Pink/White +Ignition 2/Flex Relay Output: connect this to one of the two Red wires with a light green stripe in the ignition harness.

H4/5 Red +Fused 12v Ignition 1 Input: Connect to solid yellow heavy gauge wire in ignition harness.

H4/6 Green +Starter Input (Key Side Of Starter Kill): After cutting the RED/Light Blue stripe wire in half, find the side that receives 12v when you turn the key to the "start" position. Connect this wire to that side.

H4/7 Violet +Starter Output (Car Side Of Starter Kill): Connect this to the other side of the RED/Light Blue striped wire in the ignition harness.

H4/8 Orange +Accessory Output: I did not use this. Wire this to your accessory wire the same way you would the ignition wires. The accessory wire SHOULD be the Grey/Yellow wire, however, check this for yourself. CONNECT THIS TO YOUR ACCESSORY CIRCUIT IF YOU WANT A/C OR HEAT TO TURN ON WHEN YOU REMOTE START.

H4/9 Red/White +Fused 12v Ignition 2/Flex Relay Input: Connect to solid yellow heavy gauge wire in ignition harness.

H4/10 Pink +Ignition 1 Input/Output: Wire this to the other Red wire with a light green stripe.

I soldered EVERY connection to make sure this won't crap out on me, I would recommend you all do the same. A soldering iron and solder isn't very expensive, save yourself the trouble.

I apologize if I made any typos. This information took quite a while to gather, figure out, execute, correct, test, correct, retest, etc. If this helped, let me know! Got any questions/problems? Either leave a reply or PM me.
I'll see about getting a video up of it all working..

93xl, out.

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Old 12-31-2016, 09:31 AM
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Default Re: Viper 5706v Install (Guide/Tips)

This should be moved to How-To's.
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Old 12-31-2016, 05:35 PM
93xl 93xl is offline
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Default Re: Viper 5706v Install (Guide/Tips)

Update: Heater/Air Conditioning circuit is an accessory. If you want this to come on in the remote start sequence make sure to wire in the Orange Aceesory Output wire on the Remote Start Harness. NOT THE 24PIN HARNESS. I added this information to the first post.

Last edited by 93xl; 12-31-2016 at 05:38 PM. Reason: Additional Information.
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