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Old 09-23-2009, 08:09 AM
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Default How-To: OHC Install

Discussion Thread: How To: OHC Install

this is how I installed my OHC (overhead console)

Template to help align bracket and holes download and print out.*9R2sF*5BEw

this is a before pic of how i started out.

the bottom of the OHC has two tabs that slide into the bracket. i pushed them as hard as i could into the headliner. here are the tabs on the bottom.

this is the bracket

this is how it would look in your truck the part on the right is where the front of the windshield is.

once you push the tabs into your headliner i took the bracket and lined up the holes where the tabs slide into. i outlined it with a sharpie so i know where to cut. i only marked to the right after the hump on the will cut the rest later i didn't want to cut it to big.

then once you have it marked start cutting. the hard part is gettin over that you are about to cut your headliner. but since you have already marked on it the damage is done. i used a box cutter to cut mine it was easy to cut.

then i set the bracket in there to mark the two holes to be drilled and the holes for the tabs to slide in.

Once you have them marked drill your holes.

then mount up your bracket. and cut the rest out. i bolted it in to get a nice and tight fit.

slide the two slots into the bracket and bolt the two screws to the bracket and your done with installing it.

Next is the electrical. i hate doing electrical work so this was the hardest part for me. the first thing i did was add more wire to the original wires.

depending on which side of the truck you decide to run the wires youll have to move the "A" pillars and the radio bezel. i also took off my sun visor to make it easier to run the wires. you have to remove the grab handle before you can unsnap the "A" pillar. once you do that it snaps right off.

to remove the radio bezel there are two screws you have to remove.

i just left mine laying like this during the hook up.

this is the sun visor removed.

then i hooked up the ground wire. my battery was unplugged will i was hooking up wires. i mounted the ground wire to the bracket screw.

this is the color wires and what they go to and where to run them.
Black (BK) - ground (mounted to the mounting bracket)
Yellow/Gray (YE/GY) - console electronics power (goes behind the radio)
Blue/Red (BL/RD) - console display dimmer input (goes behind the radio)
Green/Orange(GN/OR) - Map light power (goes to the dome light)
Black/Blue(BK/BL) - Dome light power (goes to the dome light)
Lt. Blue/White (BL/WH) - Temp sensor (front of the truck)
Lt. Blue/Yellow (BL/YE) - Temp sensor (front of the truck)
Gray/Black (GY/BK) - speed sensor (not used by some, but necessary) (goes behind the radio.
The grey/black VSS does not exist in the 2007+ Ranger. The color code for 2007+ is violet w/orange stripe and it runs only under the hood between the PCM plug and the Speed Control Servo.

then I ran the yellow/gray, blue/red, and gray/black wires through the headliner.

down the "A" pillar through the dash you can also remove your glove box to help like i did.

then i used tap connectors to hook up the wires. first i did the gray it attaches to the GEM module. you can see that on the left where the radio goes.

find the gray and black wire and use the tap connector to hook them up here is is done.

then find the blue/red wire going to the radio and splice them together. then find the yellow and black wire going to the radio and connect it to the yellow and grey wire going to the OHC.

next i ran the wires to my temp sensor. i ran the wires the same way. this is where i mounted my temp sensor.

after that you will have two more wires to run. the last two go to the dome light. the dome light was a PITA to get off for some reason but i finally got it you have to like pull and push at the same time.

once you take the lens off there are three screws to take off i didn't get a pic of these but i thought i did.
this is what it looks like removed.

this is the wires ran to the light.

then you use the tap connectors to tap ino the existing wires and your done.
start putting your radio bezel back on. along with your "A" pillar and sun visor if you decide to remove it.
then just put your ohc back on

start the truck to make sure it works.

i found these directions on TRS on how to set your location for the compass. so i followed these and everything is working great now.

There are two possible adjustments to the compass: Variation and Calibration.

In order to perform the Variation Adjustment:

1) Determine which zone of the country you are in from the map below.

2) Press and hold the MODE button until the VAR indicator appears in the display (Approximately 4-seconds)

3) Release the MODE button. The display will now show the current zone number that is stored in the compass.

4) Press the MODE button repeatedly (or press and hold in) until the desired zone number appears in the display (once it reaches 15, the next press of the button will set it to 1).

5) Release the MODE button when the desired zone number is displayed.

After approximately three seconds the display will flash all segments and then return to normal operation.

If the compass seems inaccurate, and the Variation Adjustment procedure did not correct the problem, perform the following Calibration Procedure.

1) Find an open area that is free from steel structures and high voltage lines. An open parking lot is a good example.

2) Press and hold the MODE button until the CAL indicator appears in the display (approximately 8-seconds).

NOTE: After approximately 4 seconds, the VAR indicator will light. Continue holding the MODE button until the CAL indicator appears. If you release the MODE button after the VAR indicator appears, but before the CAL indicator appears, the compass will be in the Variation Adjustment mode.

3) Release the MODE button.

4) Once the CAL indicator has appeared, drive the vehicle slowly (less than 3 mph) in 360-degree circles until the CAL indicator turns off. This will happen with 2 to 3 complete circles.

I love it and if anyone is wanting to do it ill give a hand. its really easy and once you past cutting your headliner your good to. go.
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