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Old 03-26-2011, 12:27 PM
not a ford fan not a ford fan is offline
91 yota 4runner
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Default How to: 99 ranger 2wd billet grille

Hello all! A friend of mine was in a minor accident this past snow in his ranger and he ask me to do the repairs rather then spend the $3500 estimate at the body shop. I gladly accepted as he has little money on hand and I like to help people out when I can. He wanted upgrades done such as new euro headlights, bumper, valance fog lights and so on and so on. One of the upgrades was a 2 piece billet grille install (billet for the grille and bumper). All the parts I ordered came from EBAY to try and keep his cost to a minimum. The grille came and I noticed that there was no instructions or guide whatsoever, so I wrote the guy and ask about it but apparently his "white van" had already driven away as I got no response. LOL. So this leads me to an hour long internet search on a ranger grille installation with no outcome. Mind you, the internet searches frustrate me sometimes. So this all leads me to post a write up on it with pictures. forgive me if there is already on here, but i couldn't find it. A few things I would like to say first, I am NOT a professional mechanic, merely a back yard, shade tree do it yourself-er. Also I am not even a ford fan so please forgive me. And please dont post here about my conflicting opinion on ford. Other questions or comments are welcome!


TOOLS: 7/32 socket or wrench, pop rivet gun, drill and drill bit's', Dremel with PLENTY of cut off wheels, Dremel sanding drum, Dremel rasp, masking tape, protractor, pencil, sharpie, 6-pack of beer, last and most important are SAFETY GLASSES.

EST TIME: 1-3 hours

#1 Open the hood and remove the 4 mounting bolts on the top of the grille using the 7/32 socket. Next gently pull straight out on the bottom of the grille to remove the bottom two clips.

#2 Now that the grille is removed it needs to be masked with tape to help protect from scratches, plus it will greatly help to draw the cut line onto the tape rather then grille itself.

#3 Cut out the middle bar that has the "FORD" emblem on it and the Grey cross-bars that run top to bottom of the grille. NOTE: Be sure not to cut to close to the surrounding grille yet as this is NOT the final cut. I used a Dremel rasp for this job to make quick work out of it.

#4 Flip the grille over (upside down), and set the billet grille roughly in place. Note the billet grilles upper mounting locations as that part of the stock grille is NOT to be cut off. I used tape to mark my mounting "lip". the picture only shows one side but both are marked.

#5 Now this next part is going to take a bit of skill and a steady hand. Time to draw your cut line. Take your time and use a pencil at first so you can erase any mistakes. I used a compass or "protractor" to trace the line to be cut with a pencil, then I highlighted it with a black sharpie.

#6 Set your stock grille rite side up and place the billet grille (rite side up) on top of the stock grille, make sure both are rite side up and on a level surface. Now make sure that the billet bars running lengthwise (the chrome bars) are WIDER then the cut line on the stock grille. This step is very important as there mite be gaps on the sides if not correct. re-draw your line if necessary.

#7 Okay, its finally time to make the main cut following your scribe (sharpie) line.Be very careful cutting the grille as there are no second chances and no going back. measure twice and cut once LOL. DO NOT cut off the plastic for the upper mounting locations!!! also here is a picture of me holding the protractor at the correct angle you want to be cutting.

#8 after making your cut and the piece is removed, carefully use a dremel sanding drum around all the cut edges to remove melted plastic buildup. Also this is a good time to use the sanding drum to sand down the "humps" left on the upper part of the stock grille left behind from the two "Grey bars" that were cut out in the first cut.

#9 Unmask the grille and check that you are satisfied with the cut you have made, clean up any tape residue with bug and tar remover. Re-mask and re-cut if not satisfied.

#10 Set the stock grille upside down and place the billet grille in place carefully hold both pieces together and flip them both over as one piece and check to make sure there are no gaps on either side. once your happy with the location turn the grilles upside down again and gently push down in the middle on the billet grille and use your sharpie to mark the holes to be drilled. Remove the billet grille and drill out your marked locations, careful to use the rite bit. Install the billet grille using a pop rivet gun and the supplied rivets.

#11 Re-install the grilles on your truck. Sit back, drink a beer and enjoy!
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Old 03-26-2011, 12:46 PM
Ranger_EDGE Ranger_EDGE is offline
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Default Re: 99 ranger 2x4 billet grille install guide *PICS*

-1995 ford ranger prerunner, 4.0, 4x4, 5-speed, 62k original miles, 2.5 radflo bypass front and 2.5 radflo triple bypass rear, deavers f23, 4.56 gears front and back, 07 seats, 07 mirrors, 35x12.50 bfg a/t, 4" fiberwerk glass front and rear, eagle alloy rims, 6k hid heads, two 8k hid off road lights, 34" led light bar, bed/roll cage/engine cage, 25 gallon fuel cell, cut and extended beams/radius arms
-2000 ford SVT f150 lightning -SOLD Lifted 2001 Ford Ranger EDGE, April's 2012 TOTM
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Old 03-26-2011, 03:01 PM
Christianguy Christianguy is offline
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Default Re: 99 ranger 2x4 billet grille install guide *PICS*

You made it look pretty easy!
Yours looks AWESOME!!!
I just installed mine,and it was a pain in the butt!
Guess the craftsmanship differs from grille to grille
I had to cut my billet grille down to fit perfectly flush in original grille,because i didn't like the "Behind the OEM grille" mounted look
1999 Ford Ranger XL
Vulcan V6, K&N 33-2106 Filter, 3:73 Gears,
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31"/10.5"-15" BFG on AR-172 Polished Rims,Smitybilt Console
95 Mustang Saleen Seats,Alternating Blinker MOD
Pioneer CD/iPod/GPS,6.5 Polk Audio/6.5 Sub-Woofers,
Stainless Bed Extender,Throttle and Dome Light MOD,
12" Tool Box,Billet Grille,NightShade Tint,Projector Headlamps
6000K H.I.D. so i can see at night! LOL

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Old 03-26-2011, 03:56 PM
not a ford fan not a ford fan is offline
91 yota 4runner
Join Date: Mar 2011
Posts: 7
Default Re: 99 ranger 2x4 billet grille install guide *PICS*

CHRISTIANGUY, I know what your talking about. lol. this grill is not perfectly contoured to the stock grille but its not my truck and honestly i think it looks pretty good as is. Trimming of the billet grille would have helped shape it MUCH better. I think thats great advice! I Just was able to make it over to my shop and snap a few pics of the grille actually installed so you can see how it looks. I took the pics prematurely as the "fog lights" are not installed in the photos, but are now.

Here's what i drive, LOL... Hee Hee
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Old 08-12-2011, 11:29 AM
MaDDMike740 MaDDMike740 is offline
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Default Re: How to: 99 ranger 2wd billet grille

whoever made this thread needs to buy themselves some jeans that fit cuz when you roll them up like that on the bottom, well that's like nerdy as hell....LMAO!!

BTW, nice grill job..good work.
2000 Ford Ranger XLT 2WD 2.5
168,000 miles
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Old 03-17-2013, 12:00 PM
bdillard77 bdillard77 is offline
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I'm actually doing this to my '99. Good write-up!
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