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Old 06-13-2017, 04:05 PM
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Default How To: Chevy Tow mirror install 93-11

hey guys.

for anyone looking to add these mirrors to there truck the proper way, keep on reading!

these mirrors are from a 2003 chevy 2500 with power and heat. no signal. i picked them up from prince choice auto parts online for a decent price!

they are about a 6 hour install to make proper. could be quicker if you follow these steps!

first. the test dummy, my 2004 b4000 with the older pre 06 mirrors.

first step is to remove the door panel and remove the mirror. you will need to remove the speaker to access the wire harness to the right of the speaker. its got 3 wires. if you are manual mirrors you can skip that step. once the mirrors are removed you can line up the new chevy mirrors. TAKE YOUR TIME lining these up and marking before cutting. its a first and only chance with these. i did not get any pictures of the holes i drilled but i did use a 5/16 drill bit.

next you will want to work on the bench with the mirror, and pull out your grinder and knife and a 13mm socket. you want to remove the studs on the mirror bases, there will be 3 per mirror. they are hard to get ahold of but be gentle. you want to remove and place 3 washers under each bottom stud and 4 washers under the top stud. small washers. then reapply the studs to the mounting bracket. now pull out your grinder, and grind just like this picture below. you want to take the whole lip off. if you do not this is one of the steps to make it sit properly. depending on your install you might have to trim the plastic around the mirror base to match the door. take your knife and slice lightly until you cut through. i recommend not slipping with this!

you can now mount your mirrors back up to the truck. IF POWER ---- continue to the electrical step before mounting.

the top stud will need 4 good size washers to sit properly. the plastic will stick out on the forward edge but that is okay. i will cover that later down the post.

use your silicone to fill the gap between the door and the mirror. let it dry before driving the truck!


so if your power, here is the way to do it. follow this diagram:

for heated portions of the mirror, you will need a fused 12v source and a switch to turn it on and off. you wire the heated portion just like wiring a light bulb or led strip.

once you follow the wiring diagram above, you will need to switch the 2 wires for your input power. don't worry you won't blow anything its typical 12vDC motor wiring.

you will reverse the wires like this

this will reverse the power output to make the mirror work as it should.

install the door panel and you should be all set!

i will update later with more specific info but this is to help get you started. if you have any questions shoot me a pm.
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