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Old 09-08-2014, 10:32 PM
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Default Timing problems (Possible engine swap?)

So I don't know where this post really belongs, so feel free to move it if there is a better place for it. I've been searching all night and I have some questions regarding swapping engines. So if there is a thread that covers these questions that I have not found, please link them below. All advice will be greatly appreciated.

First off, my truck died on me this morning before heading to work. I had a mechanic friend look at it this afternoon and it seems like it's the timing belt/chain whatever it is, and one side of the engine isn't working. I've had this problem in the past and it took somewhere around the $1200 mark to get it up and running. Since I might be able to get a 5.0 expo engine for cheaper with a possibility of a straight bolt in, why would I pass up such a great opportunity, right? Here's my problem, though. I know most 5.0 expos were made 4x4 and my truck is a 4x2 edge (with tbars and most mounts for 4x4). If I can't find a 5.0 4x2 would it be possible to slap on the engine and tranny and leave the transfer case bolted on, but free to move without a front axle (until I can afford the swap to 4x4)? Is there a way to put in the 5.0 4x4 and convert the tranny to 4x2 without much hassle? And lastly, how can I do a project like this in the shortest amount of time? My ranger is my DD and I REALLY need a vehicle for both my job and pleasure (archery season is around the corner and a family car doesn't do well in mud and sand). I know another 2004+ 4.0 would probably be my best bet, but it would be nice to have a little extra power and maybe even a 4x4 swap if the price is right.

I know this is a lot to ask in one thread and a 4x2 to 4x4 swap seems a little out there for a ranger, so if you have any questions I will try to answer them as fast as I can.

Thanks in advance!
2001 Black Superman Ranger Edge, 4.0 SOHC, Automatic, Side Step, T-bars cranked, grille guard with two 55W lights, factory bedliner, light rack with four 100W off road lights
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