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Old 05-31-2011, 10:31 PM
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Default Re: looked at a new Ranger.....

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Old 05-31-2011, 10:31 PM
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Default Re: looked at a new Ranger.....

Originally Posted by FX4OR View Post
the 5RXXE and 4RXXE are part of the bordeaux transmission family, and have always been of french descent. that's nothing new.
idk about that spain business, 4.0s are german.
How the hell did Ford think that combo would ever work? Even a cursory glance through European history over the last century proves that Germany and France do not get along!

Oh, and hell, $30k for a new Ranger!? That's solidly in F-150 territory!
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Old 06-01-2011, 02:35 AM
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Default Re: looked at a new Ranger.....

Originally Posted by matt224 View Post
my truck brand new had a msrp of roughly $29k or so; so in today's market, it might be possible for a loaded up Ranger to hit $30k depending on the area. The dealer is probably asking that price because they know they can get it, trucks might sell quick there and are worth more to the people there.
Not exactly no. The only truck that this dealer sales on a frequent basis is the ranger. They'll sit there for about a month or to. This paticular dealer charges alot more than the others do. I got mine for $14,500 brand new with nothing down tags and all. This same truck that this dealer had roughly about the same time wanted a little over $18,000 for it which is alot more than what I paid. The amount I paid also included the financing charges. I got my from Empire Ford in Abingdon,VA. Ford Family of Marion,VA can jump up and kiss my ass.

Originally Posted by sleeping monster View Post
I know for a fact that we have dealers around here like that too. there is a used 2010 FX that only has 25,000 on it but the dealer still wants the full MSRP and he is like ten miles down the road from me. it is insane what some of these dealers think they can get. as for the Spain German deal the 4.0 is German and always has been but they have been assembled in Spain for the past six years now. there was a transfer of some blue prints on both sides and the Germans still manufacture the parts but ship for assembly.
I'd rather have the 4.0 today. Germany aint bad when it comes to engines. That's what I love about my salvage engine (it's my 4th one if you're wondering). It was made in the states. I saw the die stamping on the block. That's rare with this truck.

Originally Posted by pooleo View Post
I know stand by. I will be getting some pics as soon as I can. I have to wait till nightfall when these asses are gone and they're closed.
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