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Old 12-09-2010, 07:40 PM
Redneckstone Redneckstone is offline
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Default Re: Up to 5 yrs in storage

Originally Posted by Brianxlt View Post
sounds like a plan ("self whats Desiccant?" ) knew what that is, but others may not. stored in Az so water shouldn't be a problem but the critters might. the bag sounds like a great idea.
you would be surprised what condensation can do even in AZ its worth the investment to just in case it...
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Old 12-13-2010, 08:18 AM
nauss85 nauss85 is offline
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Default Re: Up to 5 yrs in storage

Personally, I like the car bubble thing!
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Old 12-13-2010, 11:44 AM
terryduanemiller terryduanemiller is offline
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Default Re: Up to 5 yrs in storage

Originally Posted by Redneckstone View Post
Ok I have had to do this a few times with our old cars, you can Google this and get similar info, I researched this before we had to also do this not for 5 years but for 2-3 years. first the only way to do this is do it CORRECTLY and it will cost a little for you to do this in the beginning but then remember its sitting for 5 years not costing anything minus storage, if your being charged it that is. remember to store the vehicle INSIDE only. seems stupid to say but needs to be said.
  • Ok the first myth is to start the vehicle and run it, its not good at all being most the time people wont let it run long enough for it to come completely up to operating temp and for long enough, what this usually does is create a temp difference from it to the outside air and what will happen is condensation inside the motor causing water and well that's not good.

  • What you want is to change EVERY fluid right before storage to insure that there is no water in the fluid and it is fresh. engine oil, trans fluid, diff fluids, t-case, coolant and make sure its mix properly to be able to sustain freezing temps just incase, brake fluid, power steering.

  • Next completely fill the gas tank with fresh gas and add in a dry gas or Sta-Bil. what filling the tank will do is not allow room for water to condensate in the gas tank.

  • This is simple CLEAN CLEAN CLEAN the vehicle fresh wax. clean the undercarriage, remove seats clean the interior very well. treat all rubber seals with a rubber lube protection

  • I have done this step and haven't both turned out fine its up to you. Oil any unpainted steel or alum, in the motor and the under side of the vehicle even if its just WD40.

  • Next jack up the vehicle to keep the tires from flat spotting. BUT BUT what ever you do remember you need to jack up the vehicle on the suspension. Keep the suspension under load by putting the jacks on the rear axle and on the lower A-arms. Don't let it droop its bad on the suspension.

  • next comes the expensive part. you will need to invest in a Vehicle bag / Car Bubble to keep insects, animals, rodents, dust off the vehicle. products like this here are some examples and yes you will want to invest in this its something that make sure the vehicle is like new when its brought back to life in a few years. A normal car cover will not protect the vehicle 360deg around it just the top.

  • Next keeping the theme of water is bad. you will need some Desiccant bags. you might be asking yourself "self whats Desiccant?" you ever buy new shoes those little packets of DO NOT EAT ya those but bigger. put a couple in the car bag outside the vehicle then one or two inside also. here is a link to buying some.

  • Now remember when you come back in 5 years change all the Fluids out again run the truck you can drain the gas if you want or if it still is fine just run it and add new in a little bit and as good to go.

I might be forgetting a little bit... also if you want the interior to smell all good put in a bar of irish spring soap inside the truck it leave it in the box just open the ends. will smell so fresh and clean instead of grandma's house when you come back.
being AZ the soap will melt, make sure it properly contained.
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Old 01-07-2011, 07:27 AM
Royalwapiti Royalwapiti is offline
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Default Re: Up to 5 yrs in storage

Sell it and buy a new one when you come's not like these are collector items like a vintage mustang.
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Old 01-25-2011, 05:58 PM
winonaballer winonaballer is offline
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Default Re: Up to 5 yrs in storage

Originally Posted by Royalwapiti View Post
Sell it and buy a new one when you come's not like these are collector items like a vintage mustang.
^^^^I agree. Sell it. Consider the time value of money......
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