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Old 11-03-2010, 05:41 AM
sgtsandman sgtsandman is offline
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Default Re: Dont knw what to do!

Originally Posted by Tom View Post
It's possible that since they are Ford mechanics and Rangers are so popular they are constantly working on Ford Rangers, and then may get the idea that the reason they are working on so many Rangers is because of quality issues. Seems silly but it's the only justification I can think of...
That's a possibility or they are "true" truck guys where anything less than an F-150 isn't a real truck.

I know one guy who things anything less than his F-350 Powerstroke is not worth much.

Consider the source.

For the op, if the Ranger does what you want it to do and you are happy with it, ignore what they say. They didn't buy you the vehicle, they aren't putting money into it, and they aren't driving it.
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Old 11-03-2010, 10:49 AM
yocalif yocalif is offline
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Default Re: Dont knw what to do!

I guess this explains how Ford can go from having the number one selling truck to discontinuing the entire line. The attitude of employees plays a lot, when deciding what products to have on the shelf to sell.

I am wondering, if I had an Uncle and Cousin that worked for a dealership of any make, I would be asking them to help me get a serious deal on either a new or used car. The families of employees can buy new for a price below wholesale. If new is too expensive, why wouldn't this kid make a trip to the auto auction with his Uncle or Cousin. The price for a dealer to return a car to the auction if it doesn't checkout to be good mechanically is only like $75. The kid could pay that 4 or 5 times until they get the right truck. Besides with a whole dealer mechanics shop to go through the vehicle he should be getting the best possible vehicle at the best possible price.

I would get rid of the old truck and get your Uncle and Cousin to help you get a cherry ride. If you like a Ranger then have them get a Ranger, or F150. Its not about what they like, its what you want and like.
2002 Ranger Edge 4.0, 2wd, M/T purchased Oct/2010 - 52,046mi
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Old 11-05-2010, 08:03 PM
bullet bullet is offline
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Default Re: Dont knw what to do!

Originally Posted by EMB1230 View Post
The Cologne engines had a few hiccups over the years, but the Lima and Vulcan are brick houses, 200K for either one is nothing. The Lima was in production for almost 30 years, what does that say?
Ive got the Vulcan v6 in my 95 i got over 285k on it and its still runnin stong....
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Old 11-05-2010, 09:23 PM
terryduanemiller terryduanemiller is offline
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Default Re: Dont knw what to do!

Dad bought "88 new, it was hand me down, sold at 208,000 n loved it.... had 1994, sold at 223,000 n loved it...... had a '98 mazda B2500, sold at 286,000 , I still see it runnin the roads..... love the truck I have now (and Im a huge mopar fan) you cant beat one of these lil trucks, I bought one on simple fact they are tried n true... if mine dies I'll buy another.. as far as performance n week parts "they're not race cars or rock crawlers"
1999 MAZDA 2500SE, 2.5L 4-clanger, 5 speed, Green n slow. Rangers as daily drivers since 1988.
ASE Certified Mechanic, Builder of Show Destroying Protouring and Classic cars..
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