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Old 09-23-2018, 11:46 AM
New2trucks New2trucks is offline
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Default 2019 ranger on a car chassis?

I stopped at a ford dealer yesterday to ask about a new ‘19 ranger. I’m just gathering info because that truck looks sweet. I’ll prob buy next summer. Thing is the dealer told me it’s all unibody not body on frame and that it is basically an Escape with an open cargo area. They also tried to tell me that I looked like a “mustang guy” and so I should look at some new souped up model they got in.

Were they just being the typical scumbag car salesmen? Or are they correct in the disappointing news about the new ranger being a soccer mom mobile?
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Old 09-23-2018, 12:48 PM
roscoe 0202 roscoe 0202 is offline
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Default Re: 2019 ranger on a car chassis?

they don't want to wait to sell you a new vehicle wait for the ranger and buy it from someone else
roscoe 0202
hi newb here truck 94 b4000 mazda aka ranger
truck is stock just runaround
have project bronco II
i'm 74 and retired
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Old 09-23-2018, 01:58 PM
dvrich dvrich is offline
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Default Re: 2019 ranger on a car chassis?

These fake stories to get attention are always fuuny. Salesmen are bottom feeders but no way one would say this.
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Old 09-24-2018, 12:37 AM
Undrstm8ed Undrstm8ed is offline
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Default Re: 2019 ranger on a car chassis?

Originally Posted by roscoe 0202 View Post
they don't want to wait to sell you a new vehicle wait for the ranger and buy it from someone else

Anytime you walk in a dealership, some are far worse than others at it. But expect the hard sell. Some even go as far as making you feel like that's the only way you're going to get out of the dealership is to sign a deal.

I've worked at dealers that unless your sales manager lets your customer go, and that would only be after what they call a turn [change of face/breasts], IF YOU let a customer walk out of the store without talking to your manager or off the lot - You'd be following your customer off the lot and go home for the day. Your third time of that.. You wont be getting a return date.

Auto sales industry has climbed into the seat of some trickle down unscrupulous tactics to sell a car or your fired. Its a hard core performance related job and most can't hang. Did it for just under 10 years and I'm glad I don't anymore.

Most dealerships unless you're in Finance or on the Desk you're not making much money because both of those positions will cut you up and take for themselves which of course puts a weird spin on the whole perception of the job itself in order to survive in it. You find yourself either being bounced around or doing some heinous shit to earn a living.

Some of us work the system enough to break even for the 70-80hr work weeks and then move around. Its not like it was 5 yrs ago let alone 10 or 20 years ago. Its better in some ways and worse in others depending on what end of the stick your holding.

Not to mention its the ONLY industry I can think of where there's a price on the product and people want to negotiate it. The bitterness bleeding through that comment stems from working at Toyota dealers that paid $80 if you sold a new car at "Full Pop" [sticker]. God forbid you worked at a dealership that would cut you up into 1/4 deals meaning you could spend up to 3 hrs with someone and make a whole $20.. Now you only had to try and sell 5-7 cars every day to make it worth your while and THAT doesnt happen. Avg car guy is mandated to put out at least 8 cars to Keep his/her job 10 if you wanna keep it longer than that month. which means if you have 4 half deals, you need to sell 4 more cars to make them full deals. Most sales people sell 9-12 cars and even when you see that many, as I said.. you get cut up on the deal in financing because the finance guy can move money out of your pocket, into his or hers and not change the price but look like they are. Smoke and mirrors.

But going back to the price of a product and negotiating that. Go to a restaurant and try negotiating the price on that steak dinner or better yet even.. Tell the counter person you only want to pay $1.79 for a $7.99 Big Mac meal.

Let me know how your chicken nuggets and small fries were...

On the other note tho.. the 2019 ranger is a frame on body. HOWEVER, Its been reported that the Hood, fenders, and tailgate will be aluminum. So that outta make for some expensive parts and repairs.


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Old 09-24-2018, 01:02 PM
jeff18 jeff18 is offline
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Default Re: 2019 ranger on a car chassis?

Like others here, I too, worked as a car salesman, albeit for a very brief time. Was #1 for 3 months, and the deal that pissed me off was when a totally bombed person came in looking to trade his Nissan pickup for a Corsica to give to his wife. This guy was a tradesman and his truck was filled with tools. I told him to get the hell out of the place, but the floor manager quickly jumped on it and sold him a car. Gave him 500 for the truck, which was way under value, and he signed for the Corsica. What they did rubbed my conscience wrong. The next day the wife came in demanding to return the car, threatened to sue, etc. They told her to stuff it.
I quit the next day after finishing up a couple of deals I had made. Nope, the industry is ripe with rotten fruit, and it starts at the manufacturers who put pressure on the retailers. The retailers then pressure the sales force, who in turn pressure the customer. It sucks. Not sure what my wife will do when I croak. She will get eaten alive in a dealership.

One thing to note, the F&I guy eventually opened a very large and successful dealership several states away, came back here and bought the local Pontiac dealer, fixed it and is now a GMC dealer. This guy was a serious bad apple. Wouldn't trust him any further than I could throw him. He screwed a lot of people at the dealership where I worked, and is doing the same with his own dealership.

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Old 09-24-2018, 09:46 PM
rangergambler rangergambler is offline
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You look great on that car !!!
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Old 11-29-2018, 07:06 PM
FordProductEnthusiast FordProductEnthusiast is offline
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Default Re: 2019 ranger on a car chassis?

Is in fact body on fully boxed frame with aluminium fenders hood. Also has boxed steel a-arms forged aluminium steering knuckles. Built very well got to drive in Arizona few weeks ago and its competitors for comparison. If interested call or text 702-353-5657 we are taking orders Team Ford Las Vegas ask for Chad 702-353-5657 or store number 702-395-5100
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