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Old 09-26-2016, 11:53 PM
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Default Which rear axle differential vent hose + valve? 2000 Ranger

I have a 2000 Ranger
2-wheel drive
4.0 Liter 6 cylinder
70K miles

When I bought the truck about 2.5 years ago, the differential vent hose was dangling 6 inches off the ground. I didn't know what it was. The idiot mechanic that changes my oil told me it's pressure relief (correct) but that I don't need to do anything to it (it was dangling and without the end cap that lets air out but not in which can easily pull water into the gear box driving over a puddle). He's a master mechanic but apparently just didn't want to be nice and save me a potential costly repair.

So, I always thought it was fine dangling. This weekend, I noticed the hose missing so I did some research and know what it is.

My question is what size to buy? I google and check autozone for variations of:
"2000 Ranger rear axle differential vent hose valve breather"
but found nothing matching.

Can someone link what to buy exactly? I don't mind buying a few sizes and paying $2 return shipping for the ones that don't fit because I don't want to take the old one out and reinstall and buy a new size and repeat until I find the one with matching threads.

I DO want the check valve that goes on the end if you can please link that too. I read some people use air filters etc but why not just spend the $10 or so and not worry about it?

The part shown in the photo that threads into the axle housing is most likely fully clogged. I tried sticking a nail in but it's as if there's cement clogging it, but the nail comes out slightly wet with oil so hopefully it's venting to some degree and not damaged the gears. I never heard a bad sound from there or see any leaks/drips. I will change my differential fluid also ASAP.

Tomorrow, I'll remove the existing part shown in photo and drill it out if necessary to clear it and see if I have some sort of cheap hose for now. Some would say that's enough of a fix but I want the correct hose that won't rot from the oil in the gear box. And I want the one-way air valve that goes on the end opposite of the axle so I don't have to worry about moisture getting into the ~$1,200 (plus a LOT of work) differential axle.

So I need links for (much much preferably eBay if possible):

1) The valve that screws into the actual differential as shown in the photo (of this forum allows photos).

2) The hose (and I don't mind buying the intended hose instead of some fuel line etc work-around to save ~$5).

3) The one-way valve that goes on the end of the hose that doesn't attach to the differential/axle.

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Old 10-03-2016, 07:22 PM
rogerranger2122 rogerranger2122 is offline
Liking the Ford Ranger Forum
Join Date: Jul 2016
Posts: 29
Default Re: Which rear axle differential vent hose + valve? 2000 Ranger

The check valves are very common to allow air out but not in (NOT to equalize apparently). However, I see many videos of trucks similar to my 00 Ranger like the f150 or later year Rangers and they didn't have anything on the end of the hose. Again, many if not most cars have diff breathers, as long as the check valve doesn't require more pressure than your axle vent can push to trigger the check valve, then I see no harm. But that's just based on what I saw on youtube (most have the check valve).

anyway, In case someone finds this thread for help, I made a mistake originally when I checked the metal nipple coming out of the axle that the hose connects to. I thought it was sealed shut with crud because a nail wouldn't go through the hole. I took it off today (came off easily thank god instead of stripping - I reinstalled it loosely with thread locker in case I ever need to remove it). The thing is, the hole in the nipple is actually much smaller than the opening, and my nipple wasn't clogged. the main hole for the hose is like 1/4" nipple but the hole inside the nipple is only like toothpick thin.

I had a random black hose lying around that I used. Looks like really thick bicycle tire, was something from a car at one point, so it should be okay. I'll try and remember to check it once and a while for deterioration.

1/4" Inner diameter fuel line hose (common to push mowers) will not fit the nipple on a 2000 ranger rear wheel drive, so don't order than online in advance or anything. The nipple is too big. I had 5/16 mower hose also but that was also too tight. 5/16" inner diameter hose is slightly too small, so 3/8" might fit. I would go with a slightly loose fit and then I installed a mini hose clamp screw down type I use for mowers etc.

I Routed the hose up under the frame rail (where the fuel filter is and where electrical wiring to the back is. I didn't want the opening of the hose to face down so splashes can't get up and I didn't want it facing the tire where splashes could get forced in. Not worried about it at all now. But now I have to solve the mystery what differential oil to use since the wrong kind and without potential additives might be required could screw up the whole gear box. The metal tag telling which diff I have is missing. On the housing is metal bump out letters saying RF-F07W-88. When I google that I find others mention it ending in AA instead of 88, and I did do quite a few coats of rubberized underbody protective spray on the letters recently but I was pretty sure mine ends in 88, if anything I though it was B8 or BB.
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